David Got Another Major Clue About The Shadow King’s Whereabouts On ‘Legion’

Suzanne Tenner/FX

Spoilers for the April 10 episode of Legion. In Season 1 of Legion, David Haller was just trying to figure things out and find himself. Now, in Season 2, he's on a quest to find somebody else — a literal body, in fact, that belongs to Amahl Farouk, otherwise known as the Shadow King. But who are the monks on Legion? The latest episode offers a new clue as to Farouk's physical location, which is hiding in plain sight.

While spacing out, Jean Smart's character Dr. Melanie Bird gets a tip from her yet again missing husband Oliver — or maybe Farouk as Oliver? Difficult to say, as always with Legion. Still, it's useful information and a new development in the race between David helping Division III and David helping Farouk for Future Syd to find his body.

"You're searching for a monk," Melanie says. "A member of the Mi-Go Order." The Professor's android interpreters say that the Order is wiped out by a "Miser Sunday" before David Haller's time. However, rumor has it that Farouk's body was hidden away with these monks, so they're still out there. When David asks if the monk is in the building, the droid ladies (aka the Vermillion) quickly change the subject and accuse him of colluding with Farouk.

At the end of the episode, the audience sees a mysterious monk standing unaffected amongst the teeth-chattering members of Division III. Who is he?

While Amahl Farouk/the Shadow King is an important figure in Professor X's history from Marvel comics, there does not appear to be a Mi-Go Order or a Miser Sunday, for that matter, in the X-Men comic universe. There are a few Eastern religious organizations that Iron Fist and Doctor Strange palled around with in their respective comics — but nothing like what Legion is describing.

One potential Marvel counterpart is a character called Silent Monk from the Old Man Logan comics about a latter-day Wolverine. Silent Monk was raised by the Silent Order, warrior monks. The monks reference on Legion may be harboring the body of a super villain, but on the whole sound a bit more chill than that. However, if you look at a picture of the Silent Order's General Sohei, he has markings on his forehead not unlike the monk in Legion. It's not the most solid of clues, but it could be something.

Most likely, these monks and their secret monk organization are just meant to evoke an X-Men-like vibe on Legion, not reference any one thing specifically.

The biggest Marvel cameo that fans should be hoping for is that from Amahl's nemesis himself, Charles Xavier. To reference Deadpool's reference, which is probably the most Deadpool thing one could say, "McAvoy or Stewart?" Which actor would play the Professor in this story? The former makes the most sense, as the newer X-Men movies are now set in the '80s like Legion, but Patrick Stewart seems to be the cast and crew favorite. Dan Stevens brought up the idea to Stewart in the interview above and Stewart said he was "absolutely" in, "100 percent."

“It’s not a rights issue or a legal issue, it’s more about corporate synergy," said creator Noah Hawley to The Hollywood Reporter about incorporating Professor X into the FX series. "There are a lot of people with opinions and strategies for franchise development. But I think we’ll be victorious in the end because our hearts are pure.”

Sure the monks of the Mi-Go Order, if they were involved with Farouk in any way, also know Professor X? Legion is David Haller's story, but this is an aspect of X-Men history that hasn't really been explored on screen. Any clue is key. Are the monks good? Are they bad? Are they mutant? On Legion, they could be all of the above.