Our Best Theories About The Shady Anonymous Buyer Who Wants Betty's House On 'Riverdale'

Diyah Pera/The CW

Betty has officially been pushed past her limits on Riverdale, fending off potential buyers with stories about the murders and atrocities that have happened in her house, and ultimately setting it on fire and burning it down. However, before she turned to arson, a secret, anonymous party did manage to nab this real estate opportunity. And as an fan of this show knows, that means whoever bought Betty's house is shady AF.

Even Riverdale knows at this point that a "mysterious buyer" is a cliché in town — Alice laughs it off as normal and is totally nonplussed. Not knowing the name on the check is "in true Riverdale fashion," she says. Whether it's Andrews Construction, a school, a movie theater, or a home for wayward youth, something is always getting purchased on Riverdale by a shadowy figure with funds to spare.

Will we ever find out who bought the house, now that Betty burnt it down? Surely they'll have to show their face for insurance purposes, or something, right? Betty's desperate act won't keep her family from moving, but it will potentially draw that buyer back from behind the curtain. Here are some theories as to who this person could be.

Gladys Jones

Jack Rowand/The CW

Gladys can't crash at her ex-husband's forever, and she may be looking for a more permanent place in town. She and Jellybean don't seem like they scare easily, and the "Murder House On Elm Street" may be the perfect place for them. Maybe she wants to get back together with FP, and needs Alice out of town?

The official description for the March 13 episode, "American Dreams," teases that while "Gladys prepares for FP's 50th birthday party, Jughead questions his mom's motives for returning to Riverdale." Could those questionable motives involve a not-so-secret real estate acquisition? Perhaps Gladys is being positioned as the new Big Bad. Buying up property, on Riverdale at least, is the best way to accomplish that.

Edgar Evernever

Could Alice's relocation to The Farm be funded by The Farm itself? Sooner or later, Chad Michael Murray's character is going to have to show his face. Buying the house would be an appropriately dramatic way to make an entrance.

Hiram Lodge

Dean Buscher/The CW

When is it not Hiram? You can't make a list of anonymous buyers without him. Every time it seems like surely Hiram Lodge won't be behind something again, lo and behold, he is. If the theory ain't broke, don't fix it. Then again, buying a suburban house isn't really the Lodges' style. They don't really have a use for it — unless they're just trying to get Alice out of town.

Maybe it's Nana Rose. Maybe it's Kelly Ripa. Maybe the anonymous buyer is the Gargoyle King himself. This show still has not 100 percent, undeniably, revealed who the King actually is. There are a lot of ways that this season could play out. The anonymous buyer of Betty's house is just a new mystery and layer to this whole saga.