Soon You Can Post Videos To Instagram That Are Up To An Hour Long


If you already regard your Instagram explore page to be like a sort of TV portal, you're going to be extra excited for Instagram's new feature, IGTV. As announced on Jun. 20, for the first time, Instagram will be introducing long-form videos through its new IGTV feature, which will be accessible both on the Instagram app, as well as through a stand-alone IGTV app. It will feature videos from well-known content creators and users alike that range from 60 seconds to 60 minutes in length, and the videos will be in vertical format — aka, you won't have to turn your phone sideways to get the video to take up your whole screen. Goodbye productivity, hello dead battery! So, you're definitely going to want to know everything there is to know about the feature and the app, like: who can post on Instagram's new IGTV? And, what you can post?

Instagram is about to evolve into a new phase, and while change can be scary, I think it's safe to say that it's going to be OK. We're not ever going to want to go back to a time before IGTV was a thing, trust me.

If you've often found yourself watching social media stars' videos and wishing that their hilarious shorts could be hilarious longs, you're in luck. That's exactly Instagram hopes for its new feature to be: a streaming platform for creative content that's longer than the average social media post, while also attached to its creator's Instagram pages. For instance, you can follow well-known IG star @Arielle on Instagram to see what she's eating for breakfast, and also follow her IGTV posts to see what other content she's creating.

Viral content creators' videos are going to be a few of the first videos to hit the IGTV page, but that doesn't mean they're going to be the only ones having all the fun! IGTV is available for users in the Instagram app as of June 20 — all you need to to is update your app, and the new feature should be there! — and in the coming days, IGTV will also be released as a stand-alone app users will be able to connect with their Instagram account. Once they have IGTV on either app, they too will be able to upload long-form video content, and it'll all live in their IGTV channel. IGTV is for everyone!

Thankfully, users will have the inspiration to get them started: Instagram influencers like Susie Shu, Katie Austin, and Bryce Xavier have been working with the app to release IGTV content on the day of its announcement, so users ill be able to see what kind of content they can create, before they start creating.

According to Instagram, creators will be considered channels (and the name will be the same as their Instagram username) — so if you'd like to follow someone's channel, you simply follow them. If people are following you, you can consider them subscribed to your channel!


According to TechCrunch, Instagram's early partnership with content creators is a big hint at what they're hoping to become; an unlimited, unrivaled, content creator's platform. TechCrunch goes on to report that Instagram will reportedly build-out ad revenue opportunities for creators, making the new feature not only desirable for professional content creators, but also advertisers.


As for how the app will actually work, it's not yet clear if our TV videos will live in our main grid, or only exist in the TV tab or on the TV app. Likely, if you're just interested in viewing content, you'll be able to get by simply with the new TV feature within the classic app. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until the official roll out to know for sure.

But, the bottom line? You don't have to be a professional content creator with a few million followers to take advantage of IGTV. If you've always wanted to have your own video series that you can share with your already built-in audience, now will be your chance. Start a morning talk show, showcase your stop-motion skills, record an entire concert, an entire sunset, or just a full hour of your dog being a good boy. The opportunities are endless and I can't wait to see what my Instagram friends will come up with, and to find new creators to add to my watch list.