'Chimerica's Lee Had A Seriously Impressive First Acting Job With This Iconic Dame

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The brand new Channel 4 thriller Chimerica follows the story of an American photojournalist, who in a political climate clouded with claims of fake news, becomes embroiled in accusations that could have a serious impact on his integrity. The lead character is played by actor Alessandro Nivola, who portrays Lee Berger in the new series. But who is Alessandro Nivola? And where have we seen him before? Here is all you need to know about the Chimerica star.

According to TV Guide, Alessandro Nivola is an American actor who was born in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1994 he graduated from Yale University with a degree in English Literature and, as reported by the Guardian, Nivola made his Broadway acting debut the following year in A Month in the Country, in which he starred opposite British acting legend Helen Mirren. In 1997 he starred in the film Face/Off alongside Nicholas Cage, and later moved to the UK where he went on to appear in independent films such as Love’s Labour’s Lost — where he first met his wife, Emily Mortimer.

Throughout his career, Nivola has also appeared in films such as the Academy Award-nominated film American Hustle alongside the likes of American actors Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, as well as the 2015 movie A Most Violent Year, which also starred Star Wars actor Oscar Isaac, reports the Radio Times.

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As previously mentioned, Nivola's character in Chimerica is an American photojournalist called Lee Berger. According to iNews, Berger's desperation to recreate his previous successes causes him to lose touch with his sense of professionalism.

The Jurassic Park 3 actor has previously discussed his character's political stances, and revealed how they affect his actions throughout the miniseries. He said, "Lee has left-wing politics. He’s a Bernie Sanders supporter and has lived his life trying to defend people who are the subject of abuse and violence in war zones throughout the world. He can’t really handle feeling like he isn’t able to effect change through the usual channels and playing by the rules doesn’t seem to get him anywhere. That’s why he ends up doctoring his photos."

Nivola gave further insight into his character's decision to alter his photographs in an interview with the Evening Standard, saying "he does it to give the story a bigger impact." He explained, "atrocities that happen on a daily basis occupy just five seconds of news in the West. This drives him crazy so he changes a photo of a Syrian woman with a dead child. It turns out to be a fatal error of judgment."

Chimerica will tackle global issues like competing world superpowers in the East and West, as well as democracy, and fake news. According toThe Sun, the new series will begin airing on Wednesday, April 17 on Channel 4., and will also star the likes of Handmaid's Tale actor Cherry Jones, and the Golden Globe nominated actor, Sophie Okonedo.

Chimerica will begin airing on Channel 4 at 9 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17.