Meet 'The Bachelor' Contestant Behind That Sloth Costume

Craig Sjodin/ABC

What do a notoriously slow moving mammal from South America and Colton's season of The Bachelor have in common? Apparently Bachelor contestant Alex D., whose profession in listed as "sloth" on the ABC website. While the dating reality show is well-known for its inventive contestant biographies, this one is a head-scratcher. Does it mean that Alex moves slowly, that she's a sloth fan, that she's incredibly lazy, or perhaps even that she cosplays as a sloth?

Fortunately, reading more of her bio helps solve this animal-related mystery. "Alex talks fast, but tends to move slowly...verrrrrrrrrrry slowly," it reads. This isn't a straight answer, but it does imply that "sloth" is a descriptor and shouldn't be taken literally. That said, she does emerge from the limo dressed as a sloth, so take that as you will.

That said, it's clear that Alex has a real job — one that's completely unrelated to the cute, glacially slow tree-dweller. The Bachelor contestant is an account manager for an IT staffing agency, per her ABC bio, and lives in Boston. According to her LinkedIn, Alex studied hospitality and tourism at UMass Amherst. For more fun facts about Alex that have absolutely nothing to do with sloths, read on.

Alex Loves To Travel

There are dozens of Instagrams that Alex posted about Ireland and various parts of Europe. Per her LinkedIn, she studied abroad through the American College Dublin, where she studied business administration and management. The Bachelor contestant has been everywhere from the Louvre in Paris to Edinburg to Spain, making her a well-seasoned traveler.

She's A Huge Sports Fan

Alex is both a Red Sox and Patriots fan, but that makes sense once you learn that she's from New England went to the University of Massachusetts, per the ABC site.

Alex Loves Animals

And who doesn't, really? But it seems like Alex is pretty hardcore about her furry friends. In fact, her ABC bio states that if she could have any job in the world, she'd be a zookeeper.

Her Friend Put Her Up To This

If this Instagram caption is to be believed, Alex's friend nominated her for The Bachelor. "Thanks for being an amazing friend and occasionally nominating me for reality television when you’re bored at work," the caption reads, in part.

She's Close With Her Brother

One of Alex's biography fun facts is that her brother is her role model (cue the awws), and it looks like the two siblings have always been close.

She's Got An Artsy Side

There are a few Instagram posts that show paintings Alex has done, so if her account manager/zookeeper careers don't pan out, she's got something to fall back on.

She Worked At Disney World

"Accepted into the Disney College Program for the spring!" Alex wrote in an earlier Instagram post. "Looking forward to meeting these coworkers and having an amazing experience in the field I love." According to her LinkedIn, she was a hospitality cast member intern down in the Orlando theme park for six months. As a result, it looks like Erin might have some competition on the Disney Princess front.

She's Good At Beer Pong

"[K]eep swiping for a Bach spoiler. Good thing I don’t miss," Alex wrote on this Instagram post from early January 2019. The first video in the post shows Alex psyching herself up for a round of beer pong. "If this is a rose, you're not going to get it," a guy behind the camera jokes.

The Bachelor contestant starts laughing, and her friends start yelling, "She's rattled!" However, Alex admirably shakes off the nerves, and in the next video, tosses the ping pong ball cleanly into the solo cup. Hmm, perhaps Alex will get that rose after all.

So whether or not this beer pong video is really a Bachelor spoiler or not, only time will tell. But if Alex turns out to be as slow-paced as she claims, then audiences might have time to make some more popcorn or open another bottle of wine while she's making her way out of the limo. After all, slow and steady wins the race.