Amber's 'TWD' Story Is Heartbreaking

Gene Page/AMC

Since Eugene was welcomed into the Savior community rather than imprisoned or held hostage, he is getting to know more about Negan's followers than Daryl, or even Carl. That includes Negan's many wives, though one woman in particular wasn't up for video games and science experiments. Who is Amber on The Walking Dead? Her tragic story betrays what life with the Saviors is really like.

Amber is a character in The Walking Dead comics as well. Similar to the show, she starts off the series in trouble for sleeping with her old boyfriend, Mark — who got a hot iron to the face after the incident. However, in the comics she and Mark escape with Eugene and Doctor Carson. That likely won't happen on the AMC series, because Doctor Carson was thrown head first into the furnace. That's likely for the best, because in the comics Amber ends up with her head on a pike, like a post-apocalyptic Ned Stark, thanks to the Whisperers.

In Sunday's episode "Hostiles and Calamities," we learned that Amber is not in the same situation as some of Negan's wives. Tanya and Frankie both volunteered. It's still a survival strategy, but at least they maintained some autonomy. However, Amber married Negan in order to provide medication for her mother. She is trapped in her situation. Negan may tell her that he only wants her to be married to him if she wants to, and that she's welcome to leave him and go back to Mark and her old job — but it's clear that her mother's life is at stake.

Gene Page/AMC

Now, all she does is drinks and cries. She even wants to take her own life — or at least, that's what Tanya and Frankie tell Eugene in order to get him to supply them with poison pills. Maybe all three ladies are working together to take down Negan from within. Still, it's people like Amber and Dwight who prove that not everything is "Easy Street" under Negan's rule. Even the most privileged among them are not happy to be there. With this much turmoil in Negan's own ranks, a war might not be necessary at all.