Who Is Anderson .Paak's Wife? She's Been By His Side Through Thick & Thin

Mike Windle/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Anderson .Paak is a multi-talented musician who is nominated for two Grammys this year. He's up for best new artist and best urban contemporary album for Malibu. All the praise he's receiving is well deserved, as he can sing, rap, drum, and dance. Not only is he nominated on the biggest stage in his industry, but his music has been increasingly reaching wider audiences. Just this January, Anderson Paak performed with his adorable son on The Ellen Show for Ellen's birthday. As Paak's star power increases, folks want to delve into his personal life. Paak is a married man, wed to the mother of his son. So, who is Anderson Paak's wife? The musician does his best to keep his private life private, but what we do know is she stands by him through thick and thin.

While Paak has put his dancing son in front of the cameras, he has kept his wife out of the spotlight. He does refer to his in interviews occasionally, though, and this is where it is clear that she has been by his side even before the Grammy nominations were abundant. According to The Guardian, she's Paak's second wife and is from Korea. Paak seems very much in love and a family man in all the interviews he gives.

Paak is a the peak of his career (so far). He is nominated for two Grammys, is Dr. Dre's protege and even landed the cover of Billboard Magazine. But, despite his raw talent and charisma, life wasn't always easy for the musician. The Guardian reported that there was a time when he was homeless and trying to keep a job on a weed farm in California. And who was by his side then? It was the same lady and mother of his son celebrating his success now. Paak gushed to The Breakfast Club about his lady:

This is the one that matters, Jae Lin ... I'm a lover boy. Blame it on my mama. You only get a couple good marriages ... She came from Korea and didn't speak no english. She got the balls. But, no, not really.

Paak's praise for his wife during tough times shows the great deal of respect he has for her. He spoke to The Breakfast Club about how rough it got for him and his family, staying at various family and friends apartments and even squatting. He seems to have a true partnership in his marriage, having been with her during the lows and now incredible highs.

I'll be rooting for Paak at the Grammys this year. He mixes together hip hop, R&B, funk, and jazz and the result is something pretty magical. Paak's up against stiff competition for the prestigious best new artist award: Popular country singers Maren Morris and Kelsea Ballerini, the Chainsmokers (whose song "Closer" has been everywhere), and the insanely talented hip hop artist Chance the Rapper are up against him.

No matter what happens at the Grammys on Feb. 12, Paak's career is growing at a rapid speed. And, hopefully his sweet wife will be in the audience to cheer him on.