This 'Bachelor' Contestant Already Teased A Very Dramatic Exit

Rick Rowell/ABC

The Bachelor likes to do this thing now where the current Bachelor or Bachelorette meets a few of their contestants ahead of time. So far, it hasn't given any of the aspiring spouses a leg up on the competition, but it does give faithful viewers a few clues about what to expect when the season airs. Take, for example, when Annie from The Bachelor appeared onThe Ellen DeGeneres Show in September. The bubbly Midwesterner managed to beat out two other girls in Ellen's "Know or Go" challenge and become the first to meet Colton up close.

We didn't get to see much of what happened next, but things seemed to be off to a good start. During the competition, she talked about her dogs (there are seven, which... wow), her mother's horse farm, her football knowledge, and that her and Colton's birthdays are very close on the calendar (his is in late January, hers is in early February). Overall, it seemed to go as well as meeting a romantic interest on national television could go.

And it's easy to see why: Annie is bright-eyed, blonde, beautiful, and, per her ABC bio, a 23-year-old financial associate who currently lives in New York City. According to her LinkedIn page, she more specifically works in Logistics at Bloomingdales.

Annie wasn't always a city slicker, though; she's originally from Wisconsin and grew up on a farm. In her early years, Annie kept company with many friends of the horse variety, competing in equestrian nationals throughout her youth. She also attended the University Of Alabama, so she might know beauty queen and fellow contestant Hannah B. ABC further reports that Annie loves "country music and swing dancing," that she’s a "party-starter," and that she wants to "sweep Colton off his feet." Don’t they all, Annie? Don’t they all?

But, spoiler alert, perhaps there was trouble in paradise or a problem in the Bachelor mansion, because Annie and Colton did not hit it off. In fact, Annie reportedly claimed she "dumped" Colton and got the heck out of there. Noted Bachelor spoiler Reality Steve tweeted in October that Annie reportedly posted on her Snapchat saying she broke up with Colton and left the show because Colton was "weird as sh*t" and that the other contestants were "psycho people." Yikes.

In a blog post, Reality Steve wrote that Annie was only on the show for about a week and may be one of the early "villains" of the season, per his sources.

Alleged villain or not, Annie's Instagram makes her seem like any other twenty-something. Her feed is filled with photos of family, friends, travel, and plenty of outfit of the day inspo. Pretty tame! She doesn't seem like the kind to bring the drama, so perhaps she and Colton just didn't get along and she chose to leave The Bachelor. It's a waste of everyone's time to stick around if you're not into the leading man.

Still, we'll only know what really happened once The Bachelor starts airing on Jan. 7.