Armek Is Ready To Wreak Havoc On 'Supergirl'

by Andrea Towers
Dean Buscher/The CW

Another race of aliens is descending on National City, and unlike Kara and Mon-El, they're not here to save the world. While aliens aren't exactly uncommon on the Earth where Supergirl takes place, these particular aliens haven't come in peace. They're the White Martians, a hostile species that killed J'onn's alien family and committed genocide against his own race. And in Monday's episode, aptly titled "The Martian Chronicles," Supergirl will introduce Armek, a White Martian set to wreak havoc on the DEO.

The character is played by guest star Terrell Tilford, who is best known for his roles in soap operas such as One Life To Live and Days of Our Lives. You may also recognize him as Eric Bishop from Freeform's Switched At Birth. But now, you'll have to get used to seeing him as Armek.

In the Jan. 30 episode, we saw M'gann's fear when she realized she might be in danger because of the White Martians coming to get her. It seems that this fear will finally come to light, as according to the synopsis for "The Martian Chronicles," Armek plans to show up in National City. His intention is to take M'gann back to Mars to face punishment for being a traitor. Naturally, Kara and J'onn believe the best way to keep M'gann safe is to bring her to the DEO, but Armek has other plans.

Dean Buscher/The CW

In DC Comics, Armek is a member of the Hyperclan, an alien superteam that comes to Earth claiming to be the last survivors of a destroyed world. They arrive telling people they journeyed through space to find planets that need saving. Their real agenda, however, is turning the public against the "good" superheroes like the Justice League of America.

A new sneak peek for the Feb. 6 episode, which you can watch below, reveals how much trouble Armek could cause and also how powerful he is. The clip shows Armek attacking Hank, who tries to protect M'gann. He can't compete with the White Martian, however, and just when it looks like he's done for... Supergirl to the rescue!

It looks like the old adage to trust no one comes into the play when Armek gets revenge by shape-shifting into M'gann. Not only could Armek be pretending to be M'gann, he could choose to be anyone in the DEO — causing danger not just to Hank, but to everyone in Kara's life. It's also possible that Armek's attack will strengthen Hank's relationship with M'gann, especially since they're going to be teaming up to fight an alien that they both hate.

Armek may be dangerous, but I'm excited to see what he will release on the DEO. Because he can disguise himself as anyone, it could give some of the actors a chance to play someone else other than themselves, which should be really fun to watch. Either way, Armek seems destined to bring down the aliens in National City, and Kara isn't the type to let this kind of evil go. We're definitely in for some sort of awesome alien showdown.