Who Is Ashley On 'Southern Charm: Savannah'? This International Designer Has Found Her Way Back Home

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

For some reason, Bravo felt that America needed another franchise of the the reality series Southern Charm to watch, and for reasons even I did not expect, I am lapping it up. Southern Charm: Savannah features a wealthy (and not very diverse, it has to be said) group of Southerners who appear to be just as dysfunctional as their neighbors in Charleston and also just as entertaining. There's a whole new cast of new cast of characters to meet in this spin-off. So I'll start with getting to know Ashley on Southern Charm: Savannah.

If I had to equate Ashley with anyone on the Charleston version of Southern Charm, I would say she’s like Kathryn Calhoun Dennis, minus the screaming (sorry Kathryn, but you do seem to like to yell.) Ashley is fun-loving, for sure, and she definitely loves to swim — as seen in this first episode of Southern Charm: Savannah and in the previews of future episodes, Ashley is always down to shed some layers and jump in a body of water. You do you, girlfriend.

When she’s not night-swimming in random pools, Ashley is a fashion designer. She's been designing clothes since she was 16, and she claims that Kate Middleton was wearing her clothes when Prince William first noticed her at St. Andrew’s, where they met.

According to her Bravo.com profile, Ashley has lived all around the world, but once she had a baby, she felt the need to come home to Savannah to roost. She is "trying to navigate her unique family dynamic while building a creative empire in a community that doesn’t always have space for forward thinkers," and she is "not afraid to get her hands dirty… to build a strong, stable foundation" for her family.

From the looks of her social media, Ashley seems like a cool, fun, working mom who is trying to figure it all out like the rest of us. I suspect that she won’t be the one bringing most of the drama in Savannah, but I'll have to watch the whole season of Southern Charm: Savannah to be sure.