'Bachelor' Star Becca K. & Her Mom Have The Sweetest Relationship

Paul Hebert/ABC

Hometowns are a crucial moment for any suitor on The Bachelor. It's the first chance that the suitor or the Bachelor gets to see what happens when their relationship gets taken out of the context of the Bachelor mansion or the many international stops the show takes, and simply places the relationship into a real-world context. As such, Arie will soon meet Becca K.'s mother on The Bachelor along with Becca's older sister Emily, but how will Becca's family react to the new man in her life?

Becca has been a front-runner since the beginning of Arie's season when she confidently asked him to get down on one knee during her limo entrance. She later was asked to join Arie on the season's first one-on-one date. From there, Becca K. and Arie's relationship has come a long way since those early moments, and will take its biggest step yet when Arie is introduced to Becca's family in her hometown of Prior Lake, Minnesota.

Luckily for Arie, Becca K. seems to have a close and very positive relationship with her sister and mother. The Bachelor has showcased a variety of families over the years during their hometown episodes, but the Kufrins may be in the running for most supportive as well as most caring, based on the peeks at Becca's family that can be picked up from her social media presence. Arie may even learn a thing or two during his visit courtesy of Becca's mother, Jill Kufrin, who is a retired school teacher. According to an article from the Prior Lake American, Becca's hometown paper, Jill Kufrin "worked at Grainwood Elementary for 20 years before retiring in 2013."

Becca has shared a variety of mother-daughter moments on her Instagram page, proving that the two are about as close as a parent and child can be. These posts range from memories of vacations taken, posed photographs of the two alongside Becca's sister, and snapshots of her mother's youth wearing a homemade camouflage dress. While Becca takes to Instagram to commemorate positive shared experiences between her and her mother, she also shared a touching tribute to her mother's strength during the period of her life when her mother was getting treated for breast cancer.

In an Instagram post, Becca revealed that her mother had gone through a couple of surgeries as well as "countless appointments with surgeons and oncologists." Becca also explained that her mother "continually deals with uncertainties that come holding cancer's hand. And yet she has shown more strength, grace and positivity than most people will ever have in an entire lifetime." Becca seems to take a great deal of inspiration from her mother, which means that Jill's opinion of Arie will likely be very important to Becca.

Arie's trip to Becca's hometown could also include a visit from Becca's sister, who is just as present in Becca's social media presence as her mother. The women of the Kufrin family have been documented wearing complimentary flannels, sharing ice cream, and revelling in their shared Harry Potter fandom. A press release for ABC revealed that Becca K. will also talk to Arie about "her uncle, who is a pastor and has become a paternal figure for Becca K. since her father’s death."

Becca has seen some hardship in her family, including losing her father in 2009 to brain cancer. However, whatever tragedy has impacted her family, it doesn't seem to have left even a dent in the camaraderie and love that Becca shares with her mother and her sister. While there's no guarantee that the Kufrin family will welcome Arie with open arms, the race car drive would be lucky to be welcomed into a family that is as supportive and caring as the Kufrins.