Becca's Sister Is Just As Badass As The Bachelorette Is

ABC/Craig Sjodin

All eyes are on Becca Kufrin as she steps into the shoes of this season's Bachelorette. Therefore, everyone is curious about her family as well. So who is Becca's sister on The Bachelorette?

Becca's sister, Emily, didn't appear on last season of The Bachelor, when Arie headed back to her hometown of Minneapolis to meet her family, but she's super present on Becca's social media. The two appear to be pretty close, and Emily also appears to be kind of a badass. Her Instagram bio simply says "Weak men fear strong women," and one of her latest photos is a picture she took as she watched Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding from her sweatpants. Yeah, we'd be friends. She's also posted promotional photos of Becca for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette, so she apparently supports her endeavor, and Becca can count on having her in her corner for any ensuing shenanigans, even if Emily might not appear on the show.

She also recently posted a photo in honor of Becca's birthday, with a super sweet message alongside it. Happy birthday to my peach," Emily wrote. "I hope your 28th year is filled with happy adventures, lots of love, wet puppy kisses, and a little peace and quiet."

Another notable time Emily stood up for Becca was when she posted a statement following the Bachelor episode during which Becca's ex-boyfriend, Ross, showed up in an effort to win her back. "Becca and I don't always see eye-to-eye on everything (what sisters do?), but I love her more than anyone else and I am here to support her," Emily wrote in a statement on Instagram. "But when I, along with the rest of the country, saw her ex-boyfriend show up out of the blue in Peru, I was stunned. I couldn't believe that anyone on the production team could be so flagrantly negligent about allowing him to meet Becca without discussing their history with someone that knew it."

Emily went on to say that Becca "very strongly put an end to [the relationship]" prior to him gate-cashing The Bachelor. It was super clear that Emily was not a fan of how Ross was allowed to confront Becca during her time on The Bachelor, and she wasn't afraid to make it known.

"This is 2018. There is literally a woman's movement happening as we speak to put an end to this type [of behavior]," she continued in the post. "This visit should never have been allowed to take place, and I hope that in the future ABC takes a closer look into the backgrounds of the ex-partners they decide to introduce on the show."

Emily was praised online for speaking out for Becca, and it just solidified everyone's assumption that the Kufrins are pretty great people. "I stand by a previous comment of mine, the Kufrins seem like total gems and I would love for them to adopt me," wrote Reddit user wachelorette in a thread about Emily's statement.

As Becca continues her journey with the Bachelor franchise, this time in the driver's seat for the entire thing, it's amazing that she has such a strong support system back home who isn't afraid to stand up for her and voice their opinions. Becca and her sister seem equally close with their mom, who also appeared on last season of The Bachelor during hometown visits. Whichever of these 28 guys impresses Becca the most this season will also have to go home to the fam, and they'll some tough critics to impress, especially after what happened to Becca last season.