Bill Murray's Son Has March Madness

by Maitri Suhas
Elsa/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Bill Murray has two major occupations these days: crashing people's parties and engagement photos and being just about the world's biggest sports fan. When the Cubs won the World Series, Murray seemed almost like a second mascot. But he's an even bigger fan of the Xavier Musketeers. Why? Because Bill Murray's son Luke Murray is the assistant coach of the basketball team.

Bill was spotted on Thursday at the Xavier-Maryland game in the NCAA tournament, and the actor and proud dad had caught extreme March Madness. He was applauding with classic Bill Murray enthusiasm and was over the moon when Luke's team, the Musketeers, won the game.

Bill actually has six sons, and Luke is the second oldest. Born in 1985, Luke has actually had a pretty impressive coaching career, and the head coach of Xavier University, Chris Mack, said that Luke was "one of the top young assistant coaches in America," according to Luke's profile on the Xavier website. He's been coaching at Xavier University since 2015, and before that he was an assistant coach for the basketball teams at the University of Rhode Island, Towson University, and Wagner College.

It's delightful to see Bill cheering his son's team on, but it was all but expected by Luke, who said in an interview with Cincinnati.com in 2015 when he was hired at Xavier that he fully expected his dad to be in the stands pretty often. "He's obviously a big sports fan, a big basketball fan, and has a great appreciation for Xavier and their history," he said. "He usually does a pretty good job of making three or four games a year."

Despite the close relationship he has with his dad, Luke broke his father's heart in 2016 when he revealed that, somehow, he had never seen Bill's classic film Caddyshack. In an interview with ESPN during the NCAA tournament last year, Luke was asked what his favorite line from the 1980 film was, and he had to admit, "I've never seen it. I heard it's good, but I've never seen it." And then later, when being interviewed with his dad, Luke told him that he'd never seen the movie. "I've never seen it, and I'm sorry," he said, and Bill looked pretty crestfallen.

It's been a year since that admission, though, so hopefully Luke has seen Caddyshack by now. Even if he hasn't, seems like no big deal to his dad, who will no doubt be cheering on the Xavier Musketeers during their next game when they take on Florida State on Saturday.