Bobby From 'Queer Eye' And His Husband Are Total Travel Goals


Now that the second season of Queer Eye has hit Netflix, fans can once again enjoy quality time with the Fab Five — Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France, and Bobby Berk. And as viewers get better acquainted with the core crew over the course of Season 2, they can expect to hear more mentions of a few of the guys' lives outside the show. Plenty of fans may be wondering about resident design expert Bobby, who has some vulnerable moments in the new episodes. He mentioned his marriage briefly in Season 1, but who is Bobby Berk's husband?

Not much is known about Dewey, Bobby's husband. He keeps a minimal social media presence; his Instagram account, which Bobby sometimes tags, is set to private. But while Dewey may not have a prominent online footprint — at least in public — he pops up frequently on Bobby's own Instagram account. The couple are based in Los Angeles, according to Metropolis, but from Bobby's Instagram, it seems the two are a pair of jet-setters who enjoy traveling the world.

In September 2012, for instance, Bobby snapped a playful image of Dewey at Grimaldi's Pizzeria in Brooklyn, captioning the shot, "My sexy husband."

More recently, the two were all smiles in Costa Rica in December 2017. And in March 2018, they posed for a sweet shot in Venice, proving once and for all that they are total relationship (and travel) goals.

And that seems to just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the many journeys these two have gone on together. But being away from California to film — and promote — the Atlanta-based Queer Eye also means Bobby knows the importance of staying close to home with his husband when he gets the chance. In May, he shared a picture with Dewey alongside a grateful caption: "Working in LA this week means I get to spend the weekend at home with this one." He hashtagged it "#baeday."

Berk first mentioned his husband during the series premiere of Queer Eye, when he spoke with fan-favorite contestant Tom Jackson. When Tom asked about Bobby's marriage, Bobby revealed, “I’ve been married for five years.”

Their conversation then took an unexpected but important turn when Tom asked, “Are you the husband or the wife?” Berk appeared somewhat thrown by the question, but instead of getting upset, he and Jonathan used the opportunity to help inform Tom that he was playing into a common misconception about relationships between men. "That's a little sexist, Tom," Bobby explained, as Jonathan added that the stereotypes Tom was buying into could be harmful for other relationships, too. "Even with hetero couples," Jonathan said, "I think that more and more those lines are blurred." Tom was open to their lessons, and the conversation opened up a positive dialogue, which proved to be a pivotal aspect of the series' success. It was a teachable moment that all began with Bobby's marriage.

Aside from the pictures Bobby chooses to share online and the few mentions he makes of his marriage on the show, it seems Bobby would prefer to keep his relationship with Dewey as private as possible. Still, he opens up in other ways throughout Season 2, an emotional season that finds the guys discussing everything from religious upbringing to childhood memories. Fans will likely enjoy watching the Fab Five share more of themselves with the camera as they change the lives of their heroes. And of course, Bobby will be there to make everyone's living spaces look and feel better than ever.