Bonnie-Jill Laflin From 'Basketball Wives' Is One To Watch

by Hannah Shapiro

Basketball Wives promises drama, fancy cars and an inside look into the lives of the women close to NBA stars. One of the women this season has an established career separate from the show. Basketball Wives star Bonnie-Jill Laflin has built herself a career, a platform and has broken barriers along the way. This lady will be one to watch amongst the drama. From her impressive career to her experience in front of the camera, Laflin is filled with star power. She's an actress, spokesperson and the first female scout for the NBA.

Laflin began her career cheerleading and modeling, most notably for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. She used this as a launchpad to TV roles on shows like Baywatch and Ally McBeal. She's done radio, PETA advertisements and works for the L.A. Lakers as a scout. She is the first female scout to work professionally on this level. Basketball Wives will follow her life and the lives of others who have been married to, are married to, dated or are dating NBA stars. But don't let the pro men cloud your vision: This show is about the women.

Laflin is often asked to give her opinion as an NBA professional and has spoken on many sports talk shows. Her job is to be an expert for the L.A. Lakers: She represents the team, the scouting process, and the players. An impressive part of Laflin's career is how long she has been working in the sports industry. She began as a cheerleader but used that not just as an experience but as a launching pad.

The Basketball Wives promo below shows the complicated, heightened world of living so close to the NBA success machine. I'm curious to see Laflin's role on the show. I would love to see what the first female NBA scout's day-to-day consists of.

Laflin brings a lot to the table as a working woman, advocate, and on-camera personality. She's dynamic and successful on her own and should help bring the drama and excitement to this Basketball Wives season.