Bri From 'The Bachelor' Has Some Very Relatable Fears About Dating


It seems like blondes tend to outnumber the rest of The Bachelor contestants every season, and this year is no different. Bri from The Bachelor is one of the blondes vying for Colton's heart this season, and according to her official bio for the show, she does like to have fun. Unfortunately, her Instagram account is set to private, but she has over 34,000 followers, which makes it seem like she may have changed that setting after being cast for the show and shutting it down as per her contract. Hopefully, after the premiere on Jan. 7, she'll make it public again.

For now, all we know is that she likes soccer, hiking, camping, and snowboarding, according to her ABC bio. She played soccer for eight years, according to her bio, and she now models in Los Angeles. She's been modeling since she was 14 years old and is currently represented by Newmark Models L.A. Her portfolio is stunning, to say the least. She's modeled everything from swimwear to lounge wear to floral avant-garde looks. Her Facebook account is just as protected as her IG, so the only info it reveals is that she likes The Chainsmokers, Magic Mike, and the Food Network.

Although the 24-year-old spends her workdays in front of the camera, it sounds like she's no stranger to athleticism, considering her proclaimed hobbies. Colton, being an ex-NFL player, will surely love that about her. Her bio says her favorite sport to watch is hockey, though, which might be an issue because the two seasons can sometimes clash.

According to the show's Facebook live stream in which Chris Harrison introduced the cast, he mentioned that Bri has overcome a lot in her life, which comes up in conversation between her and Colton. We have yet to find out exactly what that could be, but it will be interesting to watch. Harrison said Bri is "someone who really connects with Colton" on the show.

Her bio also says that her biggest dating fear is farting too loudly —which doesn't necessarily mean she's afraid of passing gas, she just doesn't want people to know about it. Understandable, TBH. And Colton seems like the kind of guy who has a similar sense of humor.

Another fun dating fact about Bri — she loves when her date compliments her outfit. I mean, who doesn't? And she appears to be wearing a hot pink dress on night one, so it will be a huge surprise if Colton doesn't comment on it. Surely she made that flamboyant decision intentionally. Everyone knows you have to do what it takes to stand out.

You especially have to try to stand out when your name is Brianna Barnes, too, because apparently, there are a lot of them in this world. One quick Google search will confirm that, so if you're doing some contestant social media stalking of your own, tread lightly. Our Bri isn't to be confused with another blonde model named Brianna Barnes, who is also a successful actress from Canada.

Hopefully the first episode of Season 23 will allow us to get to know the real Bri better than the internet does. Tune in on Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET to find out if that's the case.