Brittany From ‘The Bachelor’ Is Looking For A Dream Relationship To Match Her Dream Career

Craig Sjodin/ABC

The promise of The Bachelor is an enticing one. Instead of having to wade through a variety of dates with different men hoping to find "the one," the reality competition series promises a romance for the ages — assuming you can make it to the end. While beating out 29 other women to be the last-one-standing is no easy feat, Brittany Taylor is ready to fight for what she wants. Audiences will be finding out who Brittany is when The Bachelor premieres on Jan. 1, but a little online digging reveals some interesting tidbits about the contestant. It's not clear yet how long Brittany will stick around, but like all the women on Arie's season, she's going to do her best to make a lasting impression.

When asked by ABC in her official Q&A where she meets guys, Brittany provided an answer that feels all too relatable: "I don't." Brittany followed up the declaration by saying she was "just kidding," but the feeling of being unable to make a strong romantic connection in this modern dating field is something felt by many people, whether you're a contestant of The Bachelor or one of the show's many audience members. Brittany isn't shy about her disappointment in the world of dating, claiming, "The past two [men] I've met have been through dating apps and they're terrible human beings."

Brittany's longs for a real relationship to match her very real, successful life – which could leave Arie wanting to prove to her that there are still good guys out there. Here's what else you should know about Brittany before she exits that fateful limo:

She Works In Tech

Brittany's job is listed as a tech recruiter on her Bachelor bio and she is a contractor at Google. As she stated in the above Instagram post caption, "When I moved to Austin this was one of my dreams and never thought I'd be here, but I did it!" Brittany has made her dreams come true before, but will she make her dream of finding true love come true on The Bachelor?

She Is Close With Her Family

Brittany's family, from her hometown of Columbia, South Carolina, will be thinking of her as she is thinking of them during her search for love. When asked by ABC what she would do if she won the lottery, she said that she would pay off her parents' homes in addition to her own student debt. If her relationships are anything like her financial daydreams, then family comes first for Brittany.

She May Be Single, But She's Not Alone

Speaking of dreams, Brittany told ABC that she believes that in five years she will be "hopefully married with two corgis." It seems she's already taken the steps to making that dream come true, judging from the many pictures of her own pet Corgi, who she's called the "guy in [my] life." The only things missing from her five-year plan right now are a second Corgi and a marriage. While The Bachelor isn't handing out Corgis to contestants (yet), the show could help her find the commitment she's looking for. If she doesn't leave The Bachelor with a ring on her finger, at least she has a companion who will never do her wrong.

Brittany already has so much going for her, from her dream job to a faithful best friend. And maybe her search for a real romance may come to an end when Season 22 of The Bachelor begins on New Year's Day.

This post was updated on Jan. 2, 2018.