The Actor Who Plays Gordon In 'Mrs Wilson' Is The Son Of Irish Acting Royalty

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Mrs Wilson aired on BBC One on Nov. 27 and I have been hooked ever since. The period drama that is based on a true story had viewers on the edge of their seat last week as they were introduced to Mrs Wilson (played by Ruth Wilson) after the death of her husband, and the mysterious life he lead before that. This week couldn’t come around fast enough. With a cast full of recognisable faces I was wondering, who is Calam Lynch? He may have just finished up his training as an actor but he already has a pretty impressive CV appearing in one of the biggest blockbusters of 2017.

Lynch was born into a pretty talented acting family steeped in a history with the performing arts. His mum is Hereafter star, Niamh Cusack, and his father is a fellow actor who appeared in Suffragette, Finbar Lynch, as the Telegraph reports. He was first introduced in BBC One’s Mrs Wilson as the eldest son of Alison Wilson and mysterious, enigmatic husband Alexander Wilson (played by Iain Glenn). However, before hitting our screens every Tuesday night Lynch was a student at Somerville College, Oxford University where he studied Classics, his agency Independent Talent reports. Appearing to be super ambitious from day one Lynch, appeared in numerous productions during his time at Oxford, being cast as Edward II in Shakespeare’s Edward II, Demetrius in Midsummer Nights Dream, and Stanley in A Streetcar Named Desire to name a few.

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After leaving Oxford University Lynch continued his run of success on the stage starring in the Rose Theatre, Kingston’s production of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing in April 2018. Acting alongside the incredible Mel Giedroyc and Kate Lamb Lynch played the role of Claudio. Speaking to Ian Boldsworth on Fubar Radio, Lynch said:

“I think the reason people are still doing [Shakespeare] is because they are timeless. What happens to characters in Shakespeare’s plays has lasted 400 years and has been done throughout the last 400 years. It is good going to watch contemporary stuff but I think sometimes being removed by the language or the setting can help.”

His Oxford training certainly prepared Lynch to play complex roles on the stage but also opened up the doorway of opportunity to have a minor role in one of the biggest blockbusters of 2017. Lynch actually appeared alongside Harry Styles, Tom Hardy, and Fionn Whitehead in Christopher Nolan’s, Dunkirk. Whilst taking on a smaller role as a Deal Sailor, to break into the world of films in such a massive way is a big deal.

Episode two of the three part series, Mrs Wilson is set to air on BBC One at 9 p.m. on Dec, 4. Whilst I am already completely gripped it is abundantly clear the plot line for this amazing true story is going to get a lot more complex and mysterious. With his training from Oxford and background in Shakespearean theatre production it is clear that whilst taking on the role of Gordon Wilson might be a step out of the ordinary for Lynch, he will absolutely rock the roll.