Who Is Cameron Dallas' Sister? Sierra Dallas Is A Social Media Star Too

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On Dec. 27, Cameron Dallas became the first star to make a jump from six seconds to 30 minutes with the premiere of Chasing Cameron. The series is one of Netflix's biggest gambles to date, as it follows Cameron and shows what it's like to be a young social media celebrity with thousands of adoring fans. Chasing Cameron will also show Dallas’ home life, and what he’s like when he’s not touring the country with his Vine pals, and that includes audiences being introduced to Cameron’s sister, Sierra Dallas. Like her brother, Sierra has become a famous online personality, and while Cameron’s fame comes from Vine, Sierra is better known on Instagram. Of course, some of her most popular posts involve her brother — celebrating his birthday or the car he recently gifted to her for Christmas.

Sierra, like Cameron, has been able to turn basic facts about her everyday life — like her pets, who she's dating, or her makeup routine — into videos and posts that thousands of people watch, view, and read. If anything, the fact that she has such a happy, normal life makes her that much more appealing to her audience. She’s several years older than her brother, and because of that, she's a little farther ahead of him when it comes to her life. Sierra has already settled down a little bit, which you can tell from her new account focused on her relationship, "TotallyB.S.," a play on their names, Brent and Sierra, which shows their day to day lives together. The couple's most relatable quality? Their inability to resist a good food photo, no matter how cliché.

Hey, it might not seem like a very big deal , but for an IG star, making a joint photo account is like a regular couple making a shared bank account. And while some people may be the most curious about whether Sierra offers any insights into her wildly famous brother, it seems they both have enthusiastic fans of their own, and their lives overlap quite a bit.

Still, Sierra's role on Chasing Cameron is primarily as a part of Cameron's supportive family. You can see this in the way she appears as a talking head interview in the trailer for the series, as a supporter of her brother who can also offer a glimpse into his somewhat nerdy past. As it turns out, even teen social media stars have been through awkward phases.

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And, since it's the holidays, the Dallas family has been spending even more time together recently, so you can get a look at Cameron and Sierra's sibling relationship outside of Chasing Cameron.

It looks like Sierra and Cameron are still super close despite their fame, and that familial connection is a key part of Chasing Cameron. Clearly, showing their lives online and remaining tight with their family is important to both members of the Dallas family.