Everything You Need To Know About 'RHOP' Star Candiace Dillard's Fiancé

Larry French/Bravo

The housewives of Potomac better watch out, because the newest member of the cast, Candiace Dillard, comes with an impressive resume and the ability to stir up some drama. But Candiace doesn't come to the show alone. This season of Real Housewives of Potomac will feature Candiace's wedding plans, as she and her fiancé Chris Bassett start working to achieve their perfect day. But who is Candiace Dillard's fiancé Chris, and what should fans of the show know about him?

Candiace's partner is a restauranteur in Washington, D.C., and Bravo reports that the couple met when they were both working at a restaurant some years ago. Cue awws! Chris is the owner of a barbecue restaurant called Myron Mixon's Pitmaster BBQ, which features the barbecue of celebrity chef and four-time barbecue World Champion Myron Mixon. The presence of such a famous chef in the kitchen must help turn the restaurant into an incredible success.

Though there isn't much information out there about Candiace's partner in crime, a quick scroll through Chris' twitter and Instagram feeds reveals a few facts about him, and makes it clear why he is such a good match with Candiace, a high powered entrepreneur and former Obama campaign staffer. So here are a few things we know about Chris:

He Supports The #NeverAgain Movement

Chris tweeted out his support for the March For Our Lives, a national day of protests organized by survivors of the Parkland shooting and aimed at vocalizing the widespread support for gun control measures. It makes sense that Chris would support the kinds of policy reforms that President Obama advocated for, considering that his future wife worked on his 2012 campaign.

He's Super Supportive of Candiace's Career

Chris' twitter feed is littered with posts about his future wife's ventures and career moves, showing that not only is he a successful business man himself, but he does everything he can to support Candiace's career ventures as well. That's what a modern, feminist partnership looks like people!

He's Like, Really Into Crypto Currency

If you have no idea what this tweet means, (and don't worry, you're not alone), check out this John Oliver piece on cryptocurrency. Chis is always tweeting about #crypto, so it seems likely that he has invested in bitcoin or something similar. Maybe he will have a big payoff for that investment soon.

He Loves to Cook at Home

Though Chris is a restaurant owner and not a professional chef, he clearly still loves to cook a fancy meal every now and again. Those steak and eggs look delish.

He's a Huge Basketball Fan

Chris loves to tweet about basketball, especially the March Madness tournament.

He's Excited For the Wedding

That massive stack of wedding invitations are only half of the ones being sent out! It seems like this wedding is going to be one to remember, and Chris couldn't be happier about it. Bravo has announced that the couple's wedding plans are going to be a major part of Candiace's plot line this season, so fans will get an inside look into the wedding which is sure to be the event of the season.

He and Candiace Are Super Happy

The couple aren't just in love, they are best friends, which is sure to be a recipe for a long lasting partnership. The other housewives of Potomac have been facing some pretty turbulent times in their romantic lives: Ashley and her husband Michael announced their separation at the end of last season, but the couple are now trying to get back on track, and Robyn and her ex Juan might be giving their relationship a second chance. With all of that drama going on, it will be refreshing for fans to see a happy, healthy relationship blossom and flourish on screen.

And it never hurts to watch a fun wedding, either.