Caroline Wray, Christopher Wray’s Daughter, Is Currently A Student At Yale

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Confirmation hearings began on Wednesday for Christopher Wray, the lawyer and former Justice Department official hand-picked by President Trump to replace James Comey as FBI director. Given that the entire Wray family attended the high-profile hearings, it's only natural to be a little curious about who they are. So, who is Caroline Wray? She's Christopher Wray's daughter, a 22-year old Yale University graduate and former editor for the Yale Daily News.

Wray, the eldest of a two-sibling family, is a legacy at Yale University; both of her parents met at the institution while students in the class of 1989. Wray, a 2017 grad, certainly made an impact during her time as a student. As the weekend editor for Yale's student-run newspaper, Wray contributed many pieces for the "Culture" section, including "Film conference tackles modern media consumerism" and "West Bank conflict presented through solo dance act."

According to a Facebook post by Yale Leading Ladies, Wray "managed to find the time to found and edit a long-form creative writing magazine and intern at several publishing companies," and was also "always happy to edit a friend's a paper at 3:00 am."

According to her LinkedIn page, Wray held a summer publishing internship in 2015 with Maria B. Campbell Associates, an international literary consulting company that works with top-tier clients like Mondadori and Penguin Random House. Given her interests, it would be no surprise if we eventually see Wray working for a magazine or publishing company, especially since she just received her bachelors degree in English. For now, though, she's been supporting her father through his confirmation process.

On the first day of his testimony, Christopher Wray faced some tough questions about whether or not he would maintain his independence from the president and fulfill his obligations to the Constitution. These questions, of course, are of utmost importance given that Trump reportedly asked former FBI Director Comey for his "loyalty" in a private meeting that is now the subject of a federal investigation. Trump denies ever asking Comey such a thing.

At one point, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah warned Wray of the chaotic life that awaits him if he is confirmed to the position.

"This is going to be an interesting life," Hatch said. "But I'm not sure it's going to be a nice life."

While the life of an FBI Director is certainly challenging, especially given the number of federal investigations that are currently ongoing, it looks like Christopher Wray's family, including his daughter, will show him support throughout the transition.