What To Know About Trip Wray, Christopher's Son

Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

There's nearly a new sheriff in town — well, a new director of the FBI, that is. After President Trump fired James Comey two months ago, Trump put forward a corporate lawyer with Department of Justice experience for bureau director, and on Wednesday he will likely be confirmed. Christopher Wray is experienced and has been lauded by friends and coworkers as a steady choice. Much is known about Wray's public life, but less so his private life. So, who is Trip Wray? He's Christopher Wray's son, one of two children in a very prominent, at times political, family.

Having politics in the family did not start when Christopher Wray began working in Atlanta as a federal prosecutor, or when he moved up in the Department of Justice — the nominee for FBI director married into a family with long-running political connections. Christopher's wife, Helen, comes from a prominent family that at one point even owned a previous incarnation of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Trip is the latest generation of this family that has created a number of successful bankers, politicians, business owners, and, from Christopher's side, lawyers.

Exactly what Trip is up to nowadays strays a bit from the family norm, however. Heavy reported that on Facebook it showed Trip was active in high school athletics, and that transitioned into 20-year-old Trip attending LaFayette College and playing for the lacrosse team.

The path that seemed to be set for Trip would have him attending Yale University. His family has a long history with the school — it's actually where his parents met, both members of the Class of 1989, according to their wedding announcement.

But, even before that, Trip's mom's family had a history with the school. His great-grandfather was a professor there and actually introduced Trip's grandmother, his daughter, to her husband, who would become Trip's grandfather. More recently, his older sister, 22-year-old Caroline, reportedly just finished her bachelor's degree at Yale.

But Trip followed his own path, which, if perceived to be a family trait, could prove positive for the entire country. The main concern with Christopher's nomination as FBI director is that he would lack the independence necessary to continue investigations into President Trump, his campaign, and possible Russia connections. A steady and independent FBI director is going to be necessary during throughout the rest of Trump's term as the Russia investigation continues.

Trip Wray might well prove that his dad is up for the job.