Wes' Real Dad Is Revealed On 'HTGAWM'

Nicole Wilder/ABC

Wes was How To Get Away With Murder's biggest enigma. Who was this guy who was waitlisted to the university, came from humble beginnings, and ended up being blown up in Annalise Keating's house? And more importantly, who is his father? Well, it's not Wallace Mahoney, like we were all made to believe. It's Charles, his son. Who is Charles Mahoney on How To Get Away With Murder?

The red herring of Wes' parentage was that Rose, his mother, was raped by Wallace, her employer, and had Wes (then known as Christophe). When Wallace was shot dead in front of Wes some ten odd years after Wes' mother died, it was assumed that that circle was closed and that both of Wes' parents were gone. Oh, no — How To Get Away With Murder wasn't going to let us get off that easy. Charles actually assaulted Rose, resulting in Wes' birth, and Charles' mother knew about it as soon as she and Charles ran into Rose and Wes on the street when he was about ten years old. Charles was a bad person (he was on trial for the murder of his girlfriend and then also for the murder of his father), so somehow, not shocked about all of this. He is also probably the reason that Rose took her own life, as she was supposed to testify against him in the murder trial of his girlfriend, and I can absolutely see why she couldn't bring herself to.

Charles Mahoney is a free man now, so will he come back to say, oh, anything about Wes' death? Probably not. Considering his face when he saw Wes for the first time, it doesn't seem like Charles Mahoney feels badly about anything he's ever done in his life. Here's hoping karma is a you-know-what huh?