Who Is Chic Cooper? These 'Riverdale' Theories Hint At His True Identity

Shane Harvey/The CW

If you thought the Blossom twins, RIP Jason, were Riverdale's creepiest siblings in Season 1 of the CW series, Betty's long lost brother certainly threw you for a loop. Chic hasn't shown his face much since a dead body ended up on the floor, but threatening Jughead in last Wednesday's episode was a major step in the suspicious direction. Theories about who Chic really is on Riverdale, not to mention his intentions, are growing by the hour.

In the promo for Wednesday's episode, you can spot Chic glaring at the Cooper girls (Polly included) playing with the newborn twins. He asks, presumably to Betty, "Wasn't it better when it was just you, me, and mom?" Later, he's holding one of the babies with a sinister smile on his face that looks like he's about to make another creepy threat. Yikes. But who are the Coopers dealing with here?

"Betty and Chic share the same blood," said actor Hart Dention in an interview with Glamour, "inside and out. She has darkness; he has darkness. Confiding in one another makes this strange utopian transition just a bit easier for Chic. She’s never had that scapegoat to confide in. She does now."

In that interview, he talked about the siblings' shared struggles with anxiety, and teased connections to more characters in the future as the story continues and his world expands. "I was so surprised," he said, "so I can only imagine how the fans are going to be." Could some of those surprising connections be a clue as to who he truly is? Here are the theories circulating the web about the sullen prodigal son.

Chic Is The Black Hood


Even before Chic showed up, fans thought he was the killer — and since Archie has doubts that they had the right man, this theory is sticking it out. It would explain his obsession with Betty and the life he never had.

Chic Is FP's Son


We all saw that tension between Betty's mom and Jughead's dad in a recent episode, right? Besides giving fans stress flashbacks to Gossip Girl parent romance drama, it could be a clue as to why Hal dislikes Chic so much. What if Chic is not only Betty's brother, but Jughead's brother as well? Maybe their parents had a fling, and Chic was sent away to cover up the scandal.

Chic Is Hal's Nephew


There's also a theory on reddit that Hal has a twin brother, who is not only Chic's brother but also the Black Hood. Too twisted? Never!

Chic Is Working With Polly


Speaking of scandals, wouldn't a pregnant Polly have encountered Chic while she was with the Sisters of Quiet Mercy? How long has Chic been living on his own? He could also be from the "not a cult" farm where Polly is staying. They could have teamed up to get back at their parents.

Chic cut Polly's picture out of a photo, which seems like he might have it out for his sister, but there could be a twist coming. Love a good double agent twist.

Chic Is A SPY


Now, unsurprisingly the FBI guy who befriended Archie was a Lodge family plant — but in the comics, Chic is a secret agent. Could he be the real deal?

He's Just A Creep

What if he is Alice and Hal's son, but just more of a weirdo than Jughead could ever dream to be?

At least, based on that promo, things will be coming to a head with Chic soon enough on Riverdale. He's emerging from the shadows and we'll finally get some answers.