Who Is Daisy Edgar-Jones? 'Cold Feet's Olivia Got Her Training In One Of The UK's Best Drama Institutions

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Bringing back an iconic television show like Cold Feet is quite the challenge. Remain faithful to the old show, while making it more contemporary and adding extra layers. It's a bit like making left overs for lunch. Sometimes you're shocked and think you are basically Nigella Lawson and then other times, your attempt leaves you in need of a guest spot on Kitchen Nightmares. So when it came back, there was always a concern it might not be the delicious drama it once was. However, Daisy-Edgar Jones in Cold Feet shows that yes, you can add new flavour to an old show.

There has been a lot of re-hashing old TV shows over the last few years. Is it nostalgia? Is it that people are running out of new exciting concepts? Whatever the reasoning, there is always a huge amount of buzz surrounding a new show. Especially when it is one that is so beloved by a generation.

Edgar-Jones appears as Olivia, one of the grown up twins of Karen and David. She is one of their three children, and has grown up in a volatile environment, with her parents often at loggerheads. She had a relationship with another of the main cast's children, Matthew, which led to one of last season's most dramatic storylines when they had an unwanted pregnancy.

Edgar-Jones isn't new to the acting world, having already appeared in shows like Outnumbered and Silent Witness. Speaking to Woodhouse, the sixth form college she attended, she revealed that she found her vocation at a very young age.

"When I was young at primary school, I was very average at subjects, I wasn’t really 'good' at anything, just in the middle - and quite shy. Then, when I was in year five, we did a school play - and that was the first time I remember people saying 'wow that was really good' and I thought 'Oh… I’m good at something!' It seemed acting was just the thing that I was best at".

However, Edgar-Jones largely attributes her professional success to her experience being a part of the National Youth Theatre which has lots of famous alumni including Dame Helen Mirren and Catherine Tate.

"Any drama student who is seriously ‘into drama' should audition for the National Youth Theatre because it’s the best company. I joined when I was 14 (which is the youngest age you can join) and it was difficult to get in because they only want the best in the whole country, but I auditioned and made it. Once you are a part of the company you get so much acting experience – it’s one of the main reasons I can begin to act professionally now".

Speaking about starring on the hit show, she explained that the whole process was a major learning curve and very different compared to her previous work in theatres.

The eighth season of the show kicked off on January 21, and sees Edgar-Jones' character Olivia getting on with her life after last season's chaos.

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All the old gang are back together, and all the usual drama, debauchery, and LOLs you usually expect from this iconic show will be there in abundance.

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