'The Bachelor's Danielle L. Is Full Of Surprises

by Allie Gemmill
Craig Sjodin/ABC

The time has arrived, Bach Nation: Nick Viall's breathlessly-awaited Bachelor season kicks off on Monday, Jan. 2 and the excitement couldn't be more palpable. But we shouldn't focus all of the attention on Viall; who is Danielle Lombard from The Bachelor? There are plenty of women for Viall to choose from, but something tells me Lombard is going to make quite the impression. From the looks of her Bachelor bio and Instagram, Lombard appears to have been bitten by both the business, travel, and foodie bugs, which currently makes her one of my favorite Bachelor contestants.

Lombard's bio over on The Bachelor website is pretty revealing, but that's a good thing. In her profile, this small business owner lists a few classic romantic dramas as her favorite films — The Notebook, Love Actually, and A Walk To Remember — so it makes a little more sense about why Lombard would appear on The Bachelor. That sense is furthered when she mentioned her favorite book: "The 5 Languages of Love! Discover yourself, your relationship needs. It's beneficial in all relationships (friends, lovers, co-workers)." Will her active study of the romantic arts be a benefit during her time on The Bachelor? If anything, she'll definitely be able to woo Viall with some classic Notebook lines.

But Lombard also offered up some real surprises. Over on her Instagram, you'll notice that when she isn't soaking up the Los Angeles sun or modeling, she is traveling the world. It's official: I am so jealous of Lombard's life. Recent documented trips include a jaunt to Iceland with some friends and celebrating Christmas in Thailand. Is there any extra room to include me in your next trip?

Frankly, Lombard looks like she is living her best life when she's not on The Bachelor and that, hopefully, will carry over into the show itself. With an air of adventurousness and pure joy about her, something tells me Lombard is going to keep Viall squarely on his toes.