Who Is DeMario's Ex-Girlfriend? 'The Bachelorette' Had A Surprise Visitor

Michael Yada/ABC

I've liked DeMario since he first offered Rachel tickets to Vegas when they met on After The Final Rose, but this week's episode of The Bachelorette showed a different side of him. DeMario's girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend, depending on whose story you believe) showed up, and it surprised everyone... especially DeMario. Her unexpected appearance raised so many questions, and the most important one is this: Who is DeMario's ex-girlfriend on The Bachelorette? Since Lexi appeared out of nowhere, it created so much drama for everyone involved.

Of course, this is something we all totally should have expected since Whitney warned Rachel about DeMario allegedly being on the show for the wrong reasons on last week's season premiere, but I never thought it would be this explosive. During a group basketball date, a woman named Lexi showed up to let Rachel know that she'd allegedly been dating DeMario for the past six months. Yikes! And once Rachel brought DeMario out to talk to her, he just ended up digging a bigger and bigger hole for himself as he denied being with her when he went on the show.

Once the text messages were pulled out, it was pretty obvious that there was something going on between them, even though it was kind of unclear when exactly it ended. Either way, Rachel instantly sent him packing.

Unfortunately, there's zero information out there about Lexi, but it doesn't seem like we'll be seeing her (or DeMario) again, so here's hoping everyone can find their peace off the show. And, let the rest of the guys take this one as a lesson: Rachel is not messing around. We've officially lost our first dude outside of a rose ceremony, and if anyone else pulls anything funny, I doubt Rachel will hesitate to cut them loose, too.