The 'How To Get Away With Murder' Killer Is Connected To Everyone & That's Terrible News For Your Faves


It's been a long summer since Wes' killer on How To Get Away With Murder was revealed, and finally the Keating crew can get some answers. Laurel thought she knew who did it, but the identity of the real murderer is much worse for her. Who is Dominic on How To Get Away With Murder? Laurel's father hired someone she knew to kill her boyfriend. Ouch.

Laurel was ready to confront (and shoot) Charles, Wes' real father and the prime suspect in his murder, when Dominic stopped her on the street. When Mikayla and Asher ran to intercept Laurel as well, she introduced them as Charles drove away. Flashbacks in the Season 3 finale also revealed that it was Dominic who drugged and smothered Wes before setting Annalise's house on fire. He saw Connor running from the house. He was also the one that had Wes' phone and gave it to Todd Denver the District Attorney. Wonderful. That's quite the conspiracy already, and it wouldn't be too surprising if the Mahoney family was in on this whole thing after all, even if Laurel's instinct was off.

Dominic is played by actor Nicholas Gonzalez, who you may recognize from Sleepy Hollow, Being Mary Jane, Pretty Little Liars, The Flash, or Resurrection Blvd. He's kind of everywhere right now, television-wise. Gonzalez is also on the new ABC series The Good Doctor and will be in Narcos Season 3.

Laurel referred to him as a family friend, but he kind of seems like more than that. Did they used to date? Was he her first Frank? Maybe Dominic even volunteered to take out Wes for Laurel's father out of jealousy. Can you imagine?

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, actor Karla Souza said that in the audition process for Dominic they played with multiple backstories and relationships for Laurel and Dominic. "There were options for us to be friends from diaper years," she said, "and then there’s others where we did have something romantic, and then there were others where he maybe just wanted something and I never did." A combination of all of those choices came across in the actual scene, she added, which keeps fans guessing. The other members of the Keating Four are sure to be curious as well.

Unless there's some soon-to-be revealed connection between Jorge Castillo and Annalise Keating — which, knowing this show is definitely not off the table — it seems as if Wes was just killed to get him out of Laurel's life. That would take the "overprotective dad" stereotype to a dangerous extreme.

When asked why Laurel's father wanted her boyfriend dead in an interview with Variety, creator Peter Nowalk said that "it’s very complicated and it involves DA Denver and it involves Dominic." It also doesn't seem like it will stay a mystery for long, as any good Keating disciple is already on the case. "What I love about the last moments of Laurel in the show," continued Nowalk, "was that you can really see her brain working through a lot of things and wondering if this is a coincidence — she’s definitely putting the pieces together. I’m excited to see how Laurel reacts." The connection between Laurel's family business and Denver is definitely going to be explored as well, according to him.

Another interesting question with regards to Dominic is why he's still in town. He did his job. Despite a few messy complications, Wes is dead. Maybe he really does want to reconnect with Laurel. Maybe the District Attorney is keeping him in Philadelphia for some reason. Maybe he has another job to do.

Since Dominic killed Wes, who was arguably the main character on How To Get Away With Murder aside from Annalise herself, he'll have to stick around a little bit longer, even if it's just in a flashback. His story’s not over. These questions need answers, and Laurel is not going to be happy when she finds out the truth.