Dominique Is Already Having A Way Better Time On 'BiP' Than She Did With Nick Viall

Rick Rowell/ABC

Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 may have just introduced yet another love triangle with the addition of Dominique, one of the women who was vying for Nick Viall's heart on The Bachelor. While fellow Paradise resident Lacey didn't seem too happy to see her, fans might be wondering who is Dominique from Bachelor in Paradise, since she only lasted for a few episodes of The Bachelor, and was sent home in the third week. So far, she's had more luck on Bachelor in Paradise, with an early, joke-heavy date with Diggy.

Dominique certainly didn't seem like she came to Paradise with drama in mind, but she accidentally found it by choosing to share her date card with Diggy, who had just went on a date with Lacey earlier. That seems to be the theme of BiP this season, with couple after couple stopping short after a promising first date. The same thing happened to Raven and Adam earlier in the same episode (though she has plenty of other options). But even though Dominique's date with Diggy was the entirety of her debut episode, she is more than just a controversial moment.

Since she returned from hanging out on the beaches of Mexico, Dominique has been a part of the Bachelor Nation live tweeting sessions for this season of BiP, though she stayed silent during her debut episode, not commenting on what went down for her first day on the show (the below tweet is from last week's ep).

Post-Paradise, it looks like rather than (or, possibly, in addition to) a new romantic relationship, the best thing Dominique found in Paradise is an even tighter friendship with former Bachelor costar and current Paradise neighbor Jasmine Goode — the two seemingly hang out all the time now.

Another tidbit from Dominique's Instagram? Along with a couple other women from Nick's season of The Bachelor, Dominique watched the The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay.

So far, Dominique hasn't had much to do on Bachelor in Paradise, but she might find herself at the center of the season's next big love triangle if things with Diggy heat up and Lacey stays mad. And if not, she should get the chance to make a stronger impression on this season than she did in just three episodes of Nick's season.