Everything You Need To Know About Kathryn's New 'Southern Charm' Nemesis

by Marenah Dobin
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Tommy Garcia/Bravo

There's a new full-time cast member on Southern Charm, but she is not new to Charleston. In fact, new Southern Charm cast member Eliza Limehouse is a ninth generation Charleston native, according to her Bravo biography. Eliza has a lot of experience on the Charleston social scene, but she's the youngest cast member by far. Eliza is actually twenty-three years old. However, this season isn't even her first time on the show. She appeared on Southern Charm two years ago on Season 4 as a close family friend of OG cast member Thomas Ravenel.

It's unclear why it's taken so long for her to become a full-time cast member, but she is one now and she's bringing a lot to the table. Including drama. During the Season 6 premiere episode, Eliza boldly declares "I'm sorry I'm young, hot, and just graduated college a year and a half ago." Her cast member biography revealed, "Eliza happily attended galas and charity events around town growing up, mixing and mingling with other socialites." Nevertheless, there's a lot more to Eliza than her social life.

A lot of reality TV stars catch flack for "not having a job," but Eliza actually has a few of them. On March 10, Eliza shared a photo of a rare break from work and she joked, "My first actual FULL day off from all of my 100 jobs in almost a year. praise the lord baby JESUS!" Eliza may be young, but she has a lot going on in her life.

She Runs Three Businesses & Has Multiple Jobs

How does Eliza have time for reality TV? According to her cast bio, she works with her family's business Limehouse Properties managing and renovating hotels in Charleston. She has her own jewelry line called Snaffle Bit Bracelet Company, a business that she actually started when she was in high school. Eliza also co-founded Plantation Candle Company. That's not all though. She is signed to TouT Models, which is actually how she met her boyfriend.

She Has A Boyfriend

Based on Instagram tags, Eliza is dating a man named Struthers McBride. He shared the story of how they met as models for a wedding photo shoot in an Instagram post. He remarked that it's "crazy to think that we got 'married' on our first time hanging out." It sounds like they were meant to be.

She Graduated From Clemson

Eliza is a proud Clemson graduate, who actually graduated from the school a year early, a fact that was mentioned in her Bravo biography.

She Rescues Animals

According to Eliza's cast biography, she has worked with her mom to rescue and foster horses and dogs.

She Plays Polo

Polo is a staple in Charleston. The polo field is also where Eliza made her Southern Charm debut two seasons ago.

She's Close With Thomas & Ashley

During the Season 5 premiere episode, Eliza remarked, "I've known him my whole life because he's like family, you know?" During an on-camera interview, Kathryn Dennis said, "Not only is Eliza close with both Thomas and Ashley [Jacobs], but right when I got back from rehab, during a very crucial time in my custody battle, Eliza spread lies about me." Joining the show the season after Thomas left because of all his legal issues is bound to cause some drama for Eliza. And interestingly enough, Eliza is friends with Kathryn's cousin Shelby.

She Loves Spending Time With Her Family

Just take one look at Eliza's Instagram page and it is very evident that she loves spending time with her family. She is a very devoted, aunt, daughter, and sister.

Aside from her age, it's surprising that it took so long for Eliza to join Southern Charm as a full-time cast member. Clearly, she can bring a lot to the show.

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