Who Is Ellie Bamber? The 'Nocturnal Animals' Actor Is Fast Becoming A British Icon

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Your early twenties can often be a tumultuous time of finding yourself and figuring out what you want to do with the rest of, well, your life. For Ellie Bamber things are a little different. An innate love of performing as a child set her up for the rest of her life. With plenty of theatre experience in her early teens to a role in the critically-acclaimed thriller Nocturnal Animals by the age of eighteen, the actor has already paved the way for a seriously successful career. So who is Ellie Bamber, and just how is she winning at life?

Born in Surrey with an upbringing primarily in Berkshire, Bamber had a "really lovely" childhood, in which she spent the majority of her time "skateboarding down country lanes," she told the Evening Standard. But how did she discover that acting was her calling? "I used to annoy the hell out of my family trying to sing to them and put on shows. To begin with, I was kind of shy," she told Elle. "I had this drama teacher who completely drew me out of myself, and I became this maniac who wanted to act on stage the whole time."

Bamber's passion for acting earned her "two drama scholarships for both secondary school and college," according to Grazia, which pushed her to dive straight into theatre work rather than attend university.

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That decision certainly paid off. Her role in the play High Society bagged her a nomination for the Evening Standard Theatre Award for Best Newcomer in a Musical in 2015, and her role in The Lady from the Sea saw her win third prize at the Ian Charleston Awards in 2017, according to The Sun.

Whilst her role as Jack Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams' daughter in Nocturnal Animals is probably the one you're most familiar with, Bamber has been on the scene for quite a while. Bamber's first feature film was the 2014 mystery-drama The Falling, followed by her portrayal of Lydia Bennett in Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. The actor also appeared in episodes of BBC's The Musketeers and Hulu series The Fashion Fund. In recent months, she has also found herself at the centre of media attention thanks to her rumoured relationship with Bodyguard actor Richard Madden, with the pair photographed together on various occasions, as the Daily Mail reports.

Above all else, Bamber has made it her goal to be as true to herself as she can possibly be, and urges you do to the same. "I think that you can be whatever you want to be. I don't think you should adhere to any sort of norms at all. I can be super-feminine sometimes," she explained to Elle.

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"It's lovely to go to a ball and be feminine but it's also nice to hang out with your friends and run around in the trees. We should be allowed to do what we want." Can I get an amen?

Bamber is also very outspoken when it comes to gender equality in the industry, telling Teen Vogue that "the idea of bringing equality not just to entertainment but to every walk of life [is] very important. There should be no segregation. Everyone should be united, and everyone should be seen as equals."

With a strong feminist mindset and upcoming roles in Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms, Jason Lester's Taipei, and the BBC adaptation of Les Misérables, Bamber is clearly a star on the rise.