Eric From 'The Bachelorette' Is All About Love

Michael Yada/ABC

Back in February, Rachel Lindsay was named as the new Bachelorette and she met a few of her suitors on After the Final Rose before her season even officially began. And one of those memorable men was Eric Bigger, with whom Rachel did a fun dance during their first meeting. So who is Eric on The Bachelorette? ABC's official bio describes him as a 29-year-old personal trainer who enjoys green drink and Tony Robbins seminars. And that's no coincidence, because Eric himself is a motivational speaker, according to his Instagram account bio.

During his introduction on After the Final Rose, Eric mentioned he was from Baltimore, but his LinkedIn profile says he is currently based in Los Angeles, where he is also listed as a "difference maker" and an author. That's right — Eric has written the inspirational e-books Quotes To Shape Your Life and 100 Days of Wisdom: Wisdom For Life, which are currently for sale on Amazon, and he posts many inspirational quotes on his IG account. But will his words inspire some love between himself and Rachel during this season on The Bachelorette? That remains to be seen. There are many handsome and accomplished men vying for the attorney's heart this season.

Get to know more about Eric from The Bachelorette below.

He Is Very Encouraging

As I mentioned above, Eric posts many inspirational quotes to his IG account — some are attributed to other people, like Tina Fey, and some are by him, with very encouraging messages to his followers.

For example, this is the full caption to the image above.

"Only make moves when your heart is in it. Don't conform but transform and be you in this word. Follow your intuition and trust your insightfulness and what you feeling. Every opportunity is rather good one and everything that's bad is not really that bad. But make sure you look at everything from your eyes view because this is you we're talking about. He who feels shall know it and own it and accept it! Be great today and have a fun investing some time in you."

He Is Athletic

This shouldn't be all that surprising, considering the fact that Eric is a personal trainer. In the caption of this Instagram video, he identified this as a Ladder Drill, which is a workout for the feet.

"The ladder drill is a great workout for coordination and agility," Eric continues in the caption. "Be consistent and watch your foot work and foot speed improve. Stay inspired and get better daily!"

He Is Good With Kids

Eric has posted many photos of himself spending time with his family. "Kids are everything to me and these two are my pride and joy! Life is not easy but when family is involved it makes everything worth it," he wrote in the caption of a family photo. "Just smile and watch you find your peace."

He Travels In Style

In this IG pic, Eric wrote in the caption that his client Andy Giddy invited him for a ride on a cool plane. "First time flying on a Jet G4 [plane emoji]," Eric wrote. "And the experience was fly haha. Good times on such a beautiful Saturday."

He Regularly Posts #SmileFridays Photos

In keeping with his theme of positivity, Eric posts weekly images tagged as #SmileFridays with encouraging and postive messages. The above image is tagged at Platefit in West Hollywood and Eric wrote in the caption that it was taken after a workout.

"We smile because the workout was intense, the energy was flowing and the moment is always priceless when at Platefit!" he wrote. "Together we can do whatever and smiling brings us together!"

He Believes In Love

Eric posted this romantic image to Instagram for Valentine's Day 2016 with a very sweet message to no one in particular. "Love is in the air no matter what the day or the year!" he wrote in the caption. "Love is everything around you, love is inside you, love is with you!"

But whether or not Rachel finds love with Eric on The Bachelorette is yet to be determined this season.