'Hanna' Star Esme Creed-Miles Comes From A Serious Acting Dynasty

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who doesn't love a bit of action? You know, watching TV shows/movies about outrageously exciting/strong/smart characters while sat on the sofa munching on snacks? Dreamy AF. Anyhow, there is one new show that will give you all of these things, from the comfort of your own living room. I know, right? Lit. Anyhow, Hanna is one of those shows and there's some serious talent involved, especially the lead role. But who is Esme Creed-Miles?

So, it turns out that Creed-Miles is part of a serious Hollywood dynasty, as she's the daughter of two very successful actors. Her mum is the amazing Samantha Morton who was nominated for an Oscar twice. Her dad, Charlie Creed-Miles, is one of those ubiquitous British actors but you probably recognise him most from Peaky Blinders in which he plays crooked bookie Billy Kimber.

This is Creed-Miles's first lead role, but she has actually starred alongside her mum before, back in 2007, in Mr Lonely and has had other roles including the younger version of Ruth Wilson's character Alice in Dark River.

Taking the lead role on a show based on a film is always going to add little extra pressure. Especially when the movie in question was a huge hit and the role was low key nailed by Saoirse Ronan. Speaking about it to Wonderland, Creed-Miles praised Ronan, saying: "Look, Saoirse Ronan is a legend".

The story is about a young girl raised from birth in isolation to become a big mean murdering machine under the guise of being small and sweet. Very Lady Macbeth, "look the innocent flower but be the serpent under it" vibes. Like many teens, she gets fed up of her isolation and decides to leg it. Creed-Miles told Wonderland, "One day she just decides that she's basically had enough of being on her own and is like: 'F*** this!' She decides to take agency for her life and makes a run for it, which of course comes with its own dangers. She's not ordinary and there's a reason why she’s been protected in isolation, which she begins to find out".

So what's the big difference between the movie and the show? David Farr, who wrote the original film and is also behind the TV reboot, says the major difference in the new version is the development of the character of Hanna's father, Erik.

Originally played by Eric Bana, Joel Kinnaman takes over the role adding a far more realistic angle. Speaking to The Express, Farr said there were key differences that add to Kinnaman's performance. "The journey for Erik is much more complex I think. The journey for Erik is him earning the right to be a father. It's also a lot more real in tone - the film has this wacky fairytale quality, the TV show is driven by this psychological reality. Erik, for example, is an east German brought up in that dark time. He's a soldier. And - a simple thing - he speaks German when speaking to German people".

There are eight episodes of the show and it lands on Amazon Prime on March 29