Harry Styles' "Ever Since New York" Could Be About Someone

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC

Harry Styles fans were in for a treat when the British singer made his solo debut on the April 15 episode of Saturday Night Live. The former One Direction musician premiered a new song as musical guest on the show, but who is "Ever Since New York" about? Many fans and media outlets have speculated that the song is about Styles' famous ex Taylor Swift, who allegedly wrote several songs about him on her smash hit album 1989 — including one called "Style" (ahem). Styles hasn't said anything publicly about the inspiration behind the song yet, and Bustle reached out to Styles and Swift's reps for comment, but did not immediately hear back from them.

At first, many fans thought "Ever Since New York" could be about Swift, because her album 1989 features a song called "Welcome to New York," which was inspired by her own move to the Big Apple. Could that mean Styles' new song is about these estranged exes meeting in NYC before or after their much-sung about breakup? Perhaps. But if you check the lyrics to "Ever Since New York" for clues, they are super vague. Unlike Swift, who referenced their snowmobile accident as a couple in her song "Out of the Woods," Styles keeps the subject of his new single unknown.

And hey, I think we all need to remember that Swift isn't the only person Styles has been linked to romantically. In 2013, Styles was spotted out and about in NYC with Kendall Jenner, so this song could perhaps be about her as well.

In the "Ever Since New York" lyrics, Styles shouts out the borough of Brooklyn and he sings about emptiness in a relationship that may or not be already over. The line "Choose your words 'cause there's no antidote" could be a reference to the many songs Swift has allegedly written about him, but really, it's so vague that it's hard to tell.

While fans may not know the subject or inspiration for "Ever Since New York" right now," they have a brand new song to play on repeat until Styles' highly-anticipated album drops.