Here's Who Gabriel Maddox' Dad Might Be On 'HTGAWM'

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Annalise and the Keating Four are finally back! How to Get Away with Murder is kicking off on Season 5 on Sept. 27 and there’s one major question on everyone’s mind – Who is Gabriel Maddox? He was introduced during Season 4’s final minutes and sparked intrigue after Frank made a phone call to an anonymous person to inform them that, “Her kid’s here.” Frank’s choice of pronoun has caused an avalanche of theories about his mother, but who is Gabriel Maddox’s father? There hasn’t been a ton of speculation about it, but there are some theories and hints that may give fans an idea about the mystery man.

In an TV Guide interview, showrunner Pete Nowalk confirmed that Frank definitely used the word “her” during the phone call, but he hinted that the show is perhaps playing with the pronoun. Nowalk said Gabriel’s mother has a connection to Frank and that she would be a part of this season's mystery, but he didn’t rule out the possibility of learning more about his father too. So, don't be surprised if a paternal bombshell is dropped on the Keating crew. And, there are a few thought-provoking theories that could absolutely happen on this show. Here’s a few guesses at who Gabriel’s father could be:

Just a John Doe

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A lot of people seem to think that Bonnie is Gabriel’s mother. She had a baby as a teen and was told that her child died, but she never saw the body.

And, Gabriel’s current age fits into that approximate timeline. If Bonnie is his mother, then Gabriel’s father would likely be an unnamed man because Bonnie was being pimped out by her own father to several men.

There’s no indication that she would have known which one could have fathered her baby and a slim chance that she would even want to reveal the abuser if she did know.

There's also the possibility that his father will never be named because the focus is solely on his mom. So, the world may never know who fathered Gabriel Maddox.

Sam Keating

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Reddit user EminemStan4life seems to think that the show is using the wrong pronoun to throw viewers off. This poster brought up a good point about Gabriel possibly being the child of an affair involving Sam Keating.

It makes sense, especially because Sam was known for cheating on Annalise several times throughout their marriage. Gabriel could have been the product of one of Sam’s affairs or he may have been his child from a previous relationship.

The question is, does Annalise already know he exists or has Frank been privy to this information without her knowledge? He could be calling Bonnie to inform her about Gabriel’s appearance because there is trouble on the way.

Or, he might be talking to Annalise because she is trying help Sam’s son since she was an accomplice in covering up his murder. It’s less obvious than the Bonnie theory and could set up more interesting insights into Sam and Annalise’s marriage.

Nate Lahey

After being locked up, beaten, fired, and mistreated because of Annalise’s ongoing drama, Nate finally seems to have the upper hand. He got his hands-on files about several people, including Annalise, and he surely knows some new secrets. But, what do we really know about Nate?

The show dove into his broken relationship with his father last season but he has been very tight-lipped about his past. He’s likely going to investigate into finding Bonnie’s possibly living child, but discovering his own son would certainly throw him for a loop.

There’s no conclusive evidence that Nate is the father of Gabriel but it would give him an interesting arc during Season 5. Maybe Gabriel’s mother is someone dangerous from Nate’s past that will play a key role in this season. And, it wouldn’t be shocking if Frank knew this mystery woman because he cannot stay out of people’s business.

Jorge Castillo

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Frank’s obvious knowledge about Gabriel’s past could be connected to Laurel’s family. He’s been in the know about their shady dealings for a while, particularly her father Jorge. It’s plausible that Gabriel is Jorge’s son with another woman, which could have played a role in Sandrine Castillo’s mental breakdown toward the end of their marriage.

And, it would explain why he is suddenly making an appearance right after his father just went to prison. Perhaps he wants to settle some kind of score with Laurel or he’s simply looking for answers about his family.

Charles Mahoney

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Everyone was stunned when it was revealed that Charles Mahoney raped Wes’ mom Rose, which resulted in Wes being born. But, what if she had another child by him and gave him up for adoption. Gabriel might have put the pieces together about his past, found out about Wes dying, and is now here to get some answers.

It’s pretty unlikely that this is true, but can you really put anything past this guy? Probably not. It would be more shocking if his mother wasn’t Rose and instead someone that has a connection to Annalise and/or Frank.

Gabriel Maddox's mother might be the question on everyone's mind, but TGIT shows are notorious for throwing major curveballs at their audience. His father, if revealed, may be the real key to figuring out how he fits into the puzzle. No matter what, it's going to be a wild ride with plenty of OMG moments.