Bruce’s New ‘Gotham’ Love Interest Could Be Close To His Biggest Enemy

by Kayla Hawkins
Jeff Neumann/FOX

One thing missing so far from Gotham Season 4 is any advancement of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle's love story, which was beginning to bloom but was cut short before the two actually got the chance to spend any quality time together. Even though these two crazy kids have the rest of their lives to figure out a relationship, it's a little tragic that they've lost their connection this season. And it looks like Bruce's affections might be divided when new Gotham character Grace is introduced in the Nov. 2 episode.

According to FOX's official synopsis for "A Day in the Narrows," which will be Grace's debut, she is an "old friend" of Bruce's who convinces him to go out on the town with some of his former "classmates." Bruce hasn't attended school regularly with any onscreen classmates since he was taking classes with Silver St. Cloud back in Season 2, being manipulated into spending quality time with arch-villain Theodore Galavan.

And throughout Season 4, Bruce has been so single-minded in his pursuit of becoming Gotham City's vigilante hero that he's barely had any time for normal teen activities like hanging out with friends or pursuing a new girlfriend. In the trailer for "A Day in the Narrows," the two can be spotted kissing on what looks like a dance floor, so maybe this is a chance for Bruce to finally get a bit of a break from the stresses of becoming Batman and actually enjoy life a little bit. But while Grace certainly seems like she could be a positive addition to Bruce's life, there aren't many clues about who she is. And that's suspicious in this town.

In the comics, in order to preserve his secret identity, Bruce Wayne has many short-lived relationships as a part of his billionaire public persona. In the canon, there aren't any love interests of Bruce's named "Grace Blomdahl," or any DC characters by that name (though Penguin's stepmother was named Grace Van Dahl back in Season 2). And while there are a few characters named Grace in DC comics history, none really match what's known about Gotham's Grace so far. Gotham often introduces original characters, but just as often, incorporates someone who seems as though they don't come from comics, but turn out to actually be from the canon. One easy example? Butch Gilzean, who is now Solomon Grundy, or the slow-burn reveal of the Court of Owls.

Here's a fun fact about Grace: she's played by Samia Finnerty, a musician and the daughter of Hocus Pocus star Kathy Najimy. So she has an impressive pedigree in real life, but what about on the show? If Grace was once Bruce's childhood friend, then she's probably a member of an important family in the city — and possibly, she might be the daughter of someone connected to the Court of Owls. The Court hasn't been as prominent this season as they have in the past, but when it comes to the wealthy upper class in Gotham City, there's often something suspicious going on, from the plans for Indian Hill that originated in Wayne Enterprises to the Falcone family's criminal empire.

And, of course, with Ra's al Ghul as a big part of Season 4 — the head of the Court and Gotham's biggest gun runner — it's possible that Grace could be his daughter, Talia al Ghul. In the comics, Talia is often a love interest of Bruce and a rival of Selina Kyle for both Batman's heart and for the title of Gotham City's most powerful female villain, including a recently announced arc "Duel with the Demon's Daughter."

Right now, any similarities between Grace and Talia are strictly coincidental, but that reveal could be a possibility. But until then, let's hope that when Bruce and Grace get together during "A Night in the Narrows," the young hero finally gets a chance to cut loose and actually enjoy being a teenager.