We've All Been Hurt Bae At Least Once

An outpouring of emotional support has flooded the Twitterverse for a young woman trending across social media as #HurtBae. The mystery star rose to viral fame after a video of her confronting her cheating ex was posted online — but who is “Hurt Bae,” really? Well, there's both a logical and metaphorical answer to that question — and that's one of the things that makes Hurt Bae's story so dang powerful.

Hurt Bae was introduced to the world on Valentine's Day in a heartrending six minute and 45 second video entitled "Why Did You Cheat? Two Exes Confront Each Other About Infidelity." Posted to Twitter by The Scene and produced by Condé Nast Entertainment, the video brought together a former couple for an emotional rehash of their relationship. Hurt Bae, since identified as Kourtney Jorge, bravely sat across from her former boyfriend, Leonard, to discuss the details of how and why he cheated when they were together. In the video she is raw, vulnerable, and still clearly hurting. Her pain is only made worse when Leonard can't even remember the number of times he cheated because he "wasn't counting."

The couple's difficult conversation broke the internet's collective heart and if you don't have any tissues handy at the moment, I would highly recommend against watching it.

In reality, Hurt Bae has been identified as 23-year-old Kourtney Jorge. Atlanta-born Jorge graduated from Spelman College in 2015; she now lives in New York City, where she works as a government and community affairs consultant at the 9/11 Memorial.

She and Leonard reportedly filmed the video back in October of 2016, when the breakup was still fresh. In just 48 hours, it has received over 300,000 "likes" and over 150,000 retweets, and shows no sign of slowing down. Jorge has been blindsided by the video's popularity, writing in an Instagram post Thursday morning, "I wanted to thank you all soooo much for your support. This entire experience has been incredibly overwhelming — I never thought the video would receive this type of response."

But Hurt Bae has become so much more than just one person (and that's not because people keep impersonating Jorge with fake social media accounts). Indeed, one could say we've all been the Hurt Bae in a relationship at one point or other.

The internet's collective fury and disbelief over the way Hurt Bae was treated has gone way beyond what anyone could have predicted. Thousands have related to Hurt Bae's pain, posting their reactions to social media.

And there's more good news, too: According to a Tweet from her sister, Jorge is in a better place these days and may even be dating again. Now, if someone could just give the internet a big hug, I think we'll be all right.