"Hurt Bae" Is Now An Internet Icon After Confronting Her Ex-Boyfriend For Cheating On Her — VIDEO

In an emotional video from The Scene, a woman confronts the ex-boyfriend who cheated on her — so many times that he seems to have lost count. The video has gone viral, with the ex-girlfriend getting dubbed #HurtBae and the ex-boyfriend meeting the collective wrath of the entire internet. Truly, hell hath no fury like the Twitterverse scorned.

In the video (produced by Condé Nast Entertainment), former couple Kourtney and Leonard sit across from each other and discuss their relationship. They start by describing how they met and eventually became close friends — but the conversation quickly turns to their romance and Leonard’s cheating. Kourtney recounts finding evidence of his cheating on his phone, and recalls finding Leonard actually with someone once in his bedroom. When she asks how many times he cheated on her, his answer speaks volumes: “I don’t know…. I wasn’t counting.”


I think that one reason this video has gone viral is that it taps into a feeling that so many of us have had: the intense desire to go back to an ex who has hurt us, ask the questions we wish we’d have asked, and say the things we wished we’d have said. Often, breakups are so painful and messy that it’s easy to end up on the other side and feel like you never got to hash things out. At least Kourtney has gotten to talk about it, and perhaps find some closure.

In the video, Kourtney tells Leonard that she has forgiven him (Why? “Because you’re my best friend,” she says brokenly. SOB). The internet, however, is not so forgiving, and the reaction from Twitter has been intense. In the two days since The Scene posted the video, it’s gotten nearly 310,000 “likes” — and the response seems to be primarily a mix of sympathy and vicarious rage.

Some people are heartbroken on Kourtney's behalf:

Others are falling more on the "ragey" side of things:

Clearly, this video struck a chord with anyone who has been hurt by an ex (so, you know, everyone). Let's just hope that #HurtBae won't be hurting much longer.