Lena's Scientist Ex Will Wreak Havoc On 'Supergirl'

Diyah Pera/The CW

Supergirl is back from a brief time away, and the show is going to be adding a new guest star for the April 24 episode, "Ace Reporter." Jack Spheer is played by iZombie actor Rahul Kohli and is described by the CW as Lena Luthor's ex-boyfriend. But aside from who he used to date, who is Jack Speer on Supergirl?

This character could have been brought in just to add a little awkwardness for Lena, but Jack Spheer's arrival will probably turn out to be a much bigger deal than that. According to the CW's synopsis, Spheer is also a businessman visiting National City "to unveil his big breakthrough in nano-technology, which has the potential to eradicate all diseases." Oh, and Jack Spheer is the alter ego of a DC Comics villain named Biomax.

And while it doesn't look like Spheer will necessarily become Biomax in his first appearance on Supergirl, his backstory matches the comics version of the character. Biomax has been featured in DC lore, most notably as an adversary for Jason Power, Green Arrow, and Manhunter in the first few issues of the Power Company arc from 2002. Spheer begins as a businessman who develops the "Biomax Process." Similar to the work undertaken by Supergirl's Spheer, the "Biomax Process" is a nano-technological breakthrough. But in the comics, the goal of the science is to eradicate world hunger by creating artificial food, not curing all diseases. Photos from the episode show that Jack Spheer is still using the Biomax name to brand his work in Supergirl.

Diyah Pera/The CW

But while eliminating disease a noble goal and an impressive bit of science, this Supergirl character has some hidden darkness that will eventually turn him into Biomax. Ultimately, the comics version of Spheer goes from aspiring do-gooder to a man twisted and warped by his own technology after his son submerges him in the Biomax Formula, which gives him the same power: shapeshifting control over matter. Will Supergirl's Spheer suffer a similar transformation? Not yet, most likely, but TV logic would dictate that the arrival of a super-successful ex-boyfriend will have enough of an impact on for Lena's storyline for now.

But given that Supergirl is about a hero who saves people from danger, it would be a bit of a missed opportunity to have Jack Spheer appear without his well-meaning research turning him into a villain. He may not adopt the name Biomax yet or have quite the exact same power set as he does in the comics, but I'd keep an eye on this new character — he may become a major threat to National City.