This 'Summer House' Had Good Reason To Join

Virginia Sherwood/Brav

We’re on the cusp of another big show on Bravo, folks — from what I’ve seen, Summer House is the East End of Long Island’s answer to Jersey Shore, featuring a group of young, attractive New Yorkers living in what they claim to be Montauk on the weekends (the house is actually 15 minutes outside of Montauk, but I digress). Share houses are usually stocked with summer renters, so we should all start studying the cast now so we know who is who when the show starts, including one Texan contestant in particular. Just who is Jaclyn Shuman on Summer House?

According to Jaclyn’s BravoTV.com bio, she’s originally from Texas and she moved to New York City to be a part of the fashion industry. From there, her fashion job took a turn, and she eventually found work as a fit model, a person who wears the clothes that designers make to make sure that they will fit the world at large. For example, if you're a size eight fit model, your body would meet exactly the specifications that a size eight would be. It’s an interesting job, that's for sure.

Jaclyn’s bio also states that she’s “in a big transition period in her life” because she recently had a bad breakup. What better way to distract yourself from heartbreak than to head to the beach with your friends every weekend? According to the bio, she’s not looking for anything serious on the show and “is not planning on dating anyone seriously.” Honestly, that’s the way to be if you just went through a tough breakup. Recalibrate, sun yourself on the beach on Long Island, and go out dancing. Do you, girlfriend.

Of course, a roundup of a new cast member on a Bravo show is not complete without a deep dive into his or her social media, so let’s take a look at Jaclyn’s posts and see what else can be surmised about this blonde newcomer.

She’s A Traveler

Jaclyn may spend a lot of time shuffling between New York and the East End, but she is jet-setting off to plenty of other places, too. Her Instagram highlights time in Mexico, Turks and Caicos, Portland, and Las Vegas, so it seems like Jaclyn’s passport is getting plenty of stamps.

She’s Close With Her Family

From the looks of her Instagram, Jaclyn is expecting a niece sometime this year — isn’t that the sweetest? It’s nice to see she has a tight-knit group back home.

She’s Busy With Her Career

If you’re a good fit model, you’re in demand, and it seems like Jaclyn’s train is speeding up. This snap of her snoozing in a showroom was in jest, but I’m sure that after a long day, she is tempted to just curl up and enter her REM cycle.

I'm excited to see how Jaclyn fares on Summer House. This single gal is there to have fun with her friends, so I suspect she will have little (if any) drama in Montauk.