The First 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Trailer Finally Reveals Jake Gyllenhaal's Villain

So, is he a good guy or a bad guy? That might be the question you have about Jake Gyllenhaal's Marvel character after seeing the new Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer. That is if you actually saw the clip from Tom Holland's Instagram Live on Tuesday (Jan. 15) morning. (Let's just say Holland doesn't have the technical prowess of Peter Parker, but the trailer did, eventually, premiere.)

Gyllenhaal plays Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home, who is supposed to be a villain in this sequel. But, from the looks of the trailer, which Gyllenhaal posted on his Instagram before Sony put the full clip up on YouTube, he might not be so bad after all. Though, it's possible that's what Mysterio wants you and Peter Parker to think.

In the movie, hitting theaters July 5, Peter is trying to live like a normal teen who just so happens to be a superhero. "Europe doesn't really need a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man," Peter tells his Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) before heading off to Europe on a school trip. Oh, how wrong he is.

Once he crosses the pond he's met by Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson), who needs his help. It's unclear what exactly he needs the kid to do, but it's clear that he's not alone. From a puff of smoke comes Mysterio, giving fans their first look at Gyllenhaal in in full superhero/super-villain form. "You don't want any part of this," a rather frantic looking Mysterio tells Spider-Man as he tries to ward off a giant water monster. Now is it just us, or does that sound like some rather friendly and un-villain-like behavior?

Those who've read the Spider-Man comics know that Mysterio is a long-time Spidey villain who first debuted in 1964. As IGN pointed out, Mysterio — who really does wear a fishbowl helmet like the one seen in this trailer — is one of the most dangerous Spider-Man villains because he can easily manipulate his foes. Mysterio, often known as Quentin Beck, a former stuntman and special effects artist, is known for creating illusions and hoaxes that look so real you may not even know you're being fooled.

It's quite possible that the Hydro Man seen in the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer could be something Mysterio concocted to get on Peter Parker's good side.

One fan of the MCU, @AvengersSE, even questioned whether these Elementals, bad guys made of the natural elements like fire, water, or sand, in this Spider-Man trailer was the work of Mysterio.

Like his name suggests, Gyllenhaal's Spider-Man role has been kept under wraps. Gyllenhaal revealed he was playing Mysterio in December in an Instagram video where he appears shocked that he's not playing Spider-Man. A cute callback to the rumors that he reportedly almost replaced Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2 after Maguire suffered a back injury.

In the silly clip, he's reading a Spider-Man comic in which Mysterio tries to convince Spider-Man he's responsible for accidentally killing a man, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Whether that is a clue pertaining to the movie is unclear and probably will remain that way until the movie is released.

Recently, Gyllenhaal hinted that his Mysterio might not be all bad. “Well, there are these threats to the world, the Elementals,” Gyllenhaal said at CCXP in Brazil, as reported by Marvel Studios News. “Elemental creatures, Mysterio is someone who knows about them and who wants to make sure that the world is safe from them, and Nick Fury asks him to come on and help because he’s the only one who really understands them in a way."

But, he's not all good either since Gyllenhaal hinted that Mysterio "teams up with the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man and unfortunately, he has to make him become more than just a Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man.”

Let's just say it's still too early to tell what Mysterio's up to, but maybe think twice before trusting him.