This Makeup Artist Creates The Most Impressive Lip Looks Ever

It's insanely easy to obsess over lips-driven Instagram beauty accounts where Internet MUAs turn their pouts into works of art. Seriously, who needs a full face of intricate makeup when you can totally "ooh" and "aah" over decorated lips? Instagram famous lip MUA Jazmina Daniel is the new face of COVERGIRL. She's an incredible choice to be a COVERGIRL brand ambassador for several reasons.

A cursory scan of Daniel's liplicious Insta account reveals anything but a shortage of lip looks. Even in her selfies, Daniel's carefully defined pucker is the central focus and the feature that draws your eye.

From velvety, precise, and defined mega mattes to renderings of candles or rainbow glitter on her kisser, Daniel's lip designs are absolutely epic and loved by the Interwebs. Since a study recently indicated that COVERGIRL is the drugstore brand to which millennials are most loyal, this is a rad move.

Women's Wear Daily reports that as a COVERGIRL brand ambassador, Daniel will create content around the brand's pout products for social media. She will also be involved in the development of both new products and campaigns.

Daniel and other online makeup artisans, like It's MUAAshley, have created this "can't look away" cottage industry by focusing their Insta posts on lips.

Daniel's lip designs are more intricate and I found myself a captive audience scrolling through her posts, while I have spent 20 minutes watching MUAAshley expertly and carefully apply Kylie Lip Kits and basically any other lippies in perfect, precise fashion.

Daniel's lips are the main focus of all of her looks. It's as though she built every other element of her look around her mouth.

I mean, epic, right?

It's legit lip art.

Pride lips — how stunning.

Even Daniel's more "basic" lip looks, like this Rose Gold gloss, have an otherworldly, eye-capturing quality. Daniel shows makeup noobs, those who only just experimenting with makeup, and future MUAs how to get creative with the products and how to indulge their inner artisans.

With Daniel, even a classic, screen siren scarlet lip is a blockbuster. Plus, her Medusa lip piercing adds a little edge, reminds us beauty takes all sorts of displays, and attracts even more attention to her pout. Welcome to the COVERGIRL Collective, Jazmina!