Jessica Chastain's BF Isn't In The Acting Biz

by Mathew Jedeikin
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

We all know that Jessica Chastain is a Grade A movie star. She’s insanely talented and has stared in tons of iconic movies like Interstellar, Zero Dark Thirty, and The Help. Plus, I’ve always personally felt that Chastain and I shared a probably-imaginary-and-totally-all-in-my-head connection since we were both born and raised in Sacramento, California. Let’s hear it for all my fellow SacTown peeps! But back to the point: Although we know a lot about Chastain because of her high-profile career in Hollywood, little is known about Chastain’s long-time boyfriend, Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo. I mean, besides the fact that he and Chastain look insanely adorable on the red carpet and in their swoon-worthy Insta shots.

Well, come to find out Passi is quite literally a count (Lord Disick, be jealous) and was born into one of Italy's most wealthy, noble families. He’s a fashion executive who used to be the Director of Public Relations at Armani, and now works for the French fashion brand Moncler, according to Us Weekly. So in summary — he’s rich, handsome, and has a legit career outside of the entertainment industry.

Although it’s not known exactly when the duo met or began officially dating, Chastain first confirmed that she was off the market in 2013. On the red carpet at the Oscars that year, she told Mario Lopez, "I am very, very happy. It’s a wonderful thing when a career does so well and your personal life goes so well."

Cut to four years later and the couple still appear to be going strong. On Valentine’s Day, Chastain shared this gorgeous shot on the 'gram along with the caption, “Some things are worth the wait.” Talk about relationship goals!

Side note: If you don’t currently follow Chastain on Twitter, Snapchat, and Insta then I highly recommend you add her ASAP. There’s something so wonderfully refreshing about seeing an Oscar-nominated actor of her caliber using silly animal filters and face swaps. Plus, she’s very vocal about women’s and immigrant rights and posts a lot of inspiring and thought-provoking messages.

It’s actually really cool seeing Chastain and Passi so clearly enjoying each other’s company and posting the pics online for her fans to see. When she first hit it big, Chastain didn’t share much about her personal life. According to Marie Claire UK she once said, “In this business it’s very tough to maintain a relationship because we’re like gypsies — always on the move. And the more you share your relationship with the world the less special it becomes. So I always try to keep my dating life quiet.”

Clearly things have changed at least a little bit, as Chastain seems quite comfortable posting pictures of her and Passi, and to be honest I’m glad she does! The couple seems happy, and it’s awesome being able to see that side of Chastain.