Who Is Jillian Parker From 'Big Brother 19'? She's More Bubbly Than A Bath

Sonja Flemming/CBS

What marks the beginning of summer? A bunch of strangers locked in a fake house, competing for half a million dollars, and the right to hold a giant key of course! Big Brother Season 19 begins airing June 28, 2017 on CBS and it's gonna last all summer long. Recently, the cast was announced and fans dived into cast bios and onto social media to learn about the brand new houseguests. One of those houseguests leaving her pets to live on camera 24/7 is 24-year-old Jillian Parker. Who is Big Brother's newest houseguest Jillian Parker? The timeshare sales rep from Las Vegas, Nevada is ready to compete for her life.

There's no hiding your personality on Big Brother. With cameras rolling 24/7, true colors are bound to emerge. Even if a contestant's antics don't make airtime, there is a Big Brother live feed rolling throughout their time in the house. Jillian Parker is one contestant who hopes to be on her best behavior while in front of millions. Let's take a glimpse into Jillian's persona even before the cameras face her. Jillian is a bold and bubbly lady who is excited to make some big moves.

1. She Wants To Play Innocent

While there's a lot to learn about Jillian outside of Big Brother, let's start with her strategy. The 24-year-old wants to play innocent and then reveal herself as villainess towards the end. In her pre-game interviews, she describes wanting to play with both the men and women but ultimately be on the side of the guys. Being a double agent is her strategy going in, we'll have to see if she pulls it off or gets caught.

2. She Puts The Capital 'B' In Bubbly

Jillian Parker on YouTube

In her cast bio, Jillian describes herself as "bubbly, funny, and truthful." And the proof of her bubbly persona is in the pudding... or in the YouTube videos. A little digging shows Jillian singing in her bedroom into a hairbrush. While the videos are a few years old, the personality that appears is the same one entering the Big Brother house. Listen to her belt out Whitney Houston and tell me she doesn't scream boundless energy.

3. Sales Lady

Jillian spends most of her time meeting folks and trying to sell them timeshares. She's a sales lady first and foremost and plans to bring her selling skills into the Big Brother house.

4. She's Met Aaron Carter

Jerod Harris/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Jillian doesn't go into specifics but in her pre-show cast bio Jillian does claim that she's met Aaron Carter. Pretty cool.

5. She Has A Motto

Jillian's life motto is: "Keep it classy, get rid of the trashy. Get money or die trying." OK.

8. Jillian's In it To Win It

From all her pre-show interviews and bio, it's clear Jillian wants to win the half a million dollars. Who wouldn't? I'm curious to see what happens when this hyper-competitive wannabe villain enters the Big Brother house.