Joe From 'The Bachelorette' Will Instantly Remind You Of Another Fan Favorite


Men by the name of Joe are making their mark on The Bachelor franchise one interesting job at a time. During Season 14, it was Grocery Store Joe, and now, Joe from The Bachelorette Season 15 is taking up the mantle. The so-called "Box King" works as an account representative at his family's cardboard box manufacturer and, according to a photo from his introduction to Hannah B. (below), he made his grand entrance in a giant box filled with packing peanuts. Special delivery? He may have even gotten Hannah's signature before making his way into the mansion.

No one could replace the beloved Grocery Store Joe from Chicago, but as it turns out, this Joe Barsano is from the Windy City, too. His family's company, Continental Packaging, Inc. is actually located in Elgin, Illinois, but by the looks of his Instagram, he spends a lot of time in Chi Town. Believe it or not, though, it's not his favorite place to be.

According to his bio for the show, Joe absolutely loves Las Vegas — so much so that he flew there four times over the last year alone, which might explain his expertise at the black jack and craps tables. He obviously loves to go out and have a good time, but it's unclear whether or not Hannah B. might be up for the Vegas lifestyle. She may question whether or not he's ready to settle down.

John Fleenor/ABC

Another trait Joe shares with his Grocery Store counterpart? Box King Joe is Italian, and he has the big family to prove it. He has four young nieces who he seems to spend a lot of time with, and what Italian family doesn't come together for a celebration without preparing a big Italian meal? Joe's Instagram has all the evidence of the best Italian dinner spreads. Two words: meat and pasta.

The box business must pay pretty well to keep up with what seems like a pretty lavish lifestyle for Joe. Those frequent flights to Vegas? They may have been flown private — his Instagram profile features a highlight solely dedicated to jet shopping with an honorable mention of the family's decked out Ferrari.

According to Reality Steve, Joe supposedly really rides out his boxy nickname on The Bachelorette. The famed Bachelor blogger also noted that his accent couldn't get any more Chicagoan. "His whole bit all night is box puns," Reality Steve tweeted the night before the premiere. "He makes boxes. And if someone ever asks you 'How would you describe a Chicago accent,' just watch tmrw night because if there's anyone more Chicago than Joe, I've yet to meet them."

Joe's bio for the show also says he once went streaking in college. According to his LinkedIn, he attended Indiana University and North Park University between 2006 and 2011. Although The Bachelorette cocktail parties seem reminiscent of (but more sophisticated than) a college party, hopefully Joe won't resort to that strategy to get Hannah B.'s attention. He can save that for the fantasy suite — if he makes it there, that is.