This 'Very Cavallari' Star Is A Nashville Musician Hoping For His Big Break

Kristin Cavallari is leading yet another pack of soon-to-be reality stars with her new E! show, Very Cavallari, and though none of these characters are yet household names, they very well might be in the near future. One of the reality newbies in Cavallari's circle has more to offer than just workplace drama — he's a musician, too. So who is John Gurney from Very Cavallari?

According to E! Online's official cast descriptions, Gurney is the boyfriend of Cavallari's social media director, Shannon Ford, which explains how he's also appearing on the show. While Ford's job requires her to focus on the web presence of Uncommon James, Cavallari's new Nashville store, Gurney sounds like his dreams are pretty separate from the world of Uncommon James.

E! reports that he's a composer and performer from Chicago who moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Missouri. He's definitely not a super familiar name among country fans yet, but he has some accolades to his name. The same article states that this year, he won the NSAI Song Contest presented by CMT, and that he hopes to debut more music this summer. He's already started on that venture, apparently, as one single, "Home With Her," is already available on Spotify.

That's the only listing on his Spotify page so far, but there are other ways to see him in action. There are some videos of Gurney performing here and there on YouTube. One of the most popular videos appears to be one performance from way back when — as it's dated from 2009 with Mizzou as the venue.

There are also collaborations on YouTube that he's done with other artists, some of which have racked up thousands and thousands of views. It's apparent that Gurney has talent — he wields both a guitar and a banjo in these videos, and he's got a nice voice, even if country music isn't necessarily your thing.

A look at Gurney's social media shows that when he's not busy promoting Very Cavallari's July 8 premiere or plugging his own solo ventures, he's hanging out with Ford and their friends and having a good time. His Twitter account is pretty inactive, with most tweets coming from last year or the year before, but his header photo is the Very Cavallari logo, so that's likely to change as the show gathers steam.

Gurney isn't all that visible in the trailers for the show, but Ford definitely is, so maybe he'll be the person she leans on outside of work when the coworkers at Uncommon James inevitably start to butt heads. Cavallari has made it abundantly clear that while she might be the ringmaster in this circus, Very Cavallari is meant to shift the drama to the newbies — she's got a family at home, and her personal life is no longer on display the way it used to be.

"I think this is the first show that I can really get behind and say this is in fact me," she told Us Weekly, adding that she's also an executive producer for the show, so she screens everything before it actually airs on TV. "Even though coming from reality TV, I could never really say that. So that’s nice for me. It’s the grown-up Kristin, and you get to see me as a boss now, and sort of handing the torch over to everybody else to allow to take the lead on the drama front. It’s not necessarily about my personal drama, which is very nice."

If anybody is a pro at bringing juicy drama to the screen, it's Cavallari, especially after years of doing so on Laguna Beach and The Hills. Now it's time for her to hand off the torch, and show Gurney and the other co-stars the reality ropes.