Who Is 'RHOD' Newcomer Kameron Westcott?

by Kristie Rohwedder
F. Scott Schafer/Bravo

A hot dog suit. Vomit on a boat deck. A dildo chase scene. These are just a few of the important things that happen in the trailer for The Real Housewives of Dallas Season 2. As tempting as it is to type a thousand words about LeeAnne Locken's wiener costume, now's not the time. For there will be two new Dallas Housewives when the show returns on Aug. 14, and both appear to be tremendous additions to the cast. One of the two RHOD newbies is Kameron Westcott, a dog food innovator who is serious about her affinity for a certain color.

So, what's Westcott's story? What's she all about? Take it away, Westcott's Twitter bio:

"Housewife in Highland Park, Mommy, Animal Lover, Fashionista, Philanthropist.”

Ah, so she’s basically perfect for this particular installment of the Real Housewives franchise. As Season 1 made abundantly clear, the Dallas charity scene is the sun, and the Dallas Housewives are the floppy sun hat-wearing planets that orbit around it. Westcott will fit right in.

"My mission is to celebrate and promote women's contributions to society and make sure that our presence is always felt in the world, with my obsession with 'PINK' being a symbolic symbol of that," Westcott explains on her personal website. She continues,

"I am extremely passionate about animal welfare and that is why I convinced my husband to invest in the first company that is going to bring kill free meat to the world. Also, having my grandmother recently die of a women specific cancer and other members of my family affected by the disease I have been involved with multiple cancer organizations and I am now involved with the Susan G. Komen Foundation and want to do everything I can to help keep women of this alive and empowered and make sure that there is always pink in the world."

Per her BravoTV.com bio, Westcott and her husband met in college, got married, and now have two kids. The Westcotts have a Russian Bulldog named Chunk and a Yorkie named Louis Vuitton. Both dogs are precious angels. Exhibit A:

And exhibit B:

As you might've deduced from the pink mission statement, the pink dog headband, and the pink dog... spacesuit (?), Westcott is really into the color pink. And on this season of RHOD, Westcott will combine her obsession with pink and her obsession with dogs into one beautiful product. As she explains in the Season 2 preview, she's developing a natural and organic pink dog food line. Now, that’s how you make a splash on your first season of the Real Housewives.

Some may say dogs don’t need pink kibble, but dogs also don’t need Minion costumes. Just because a dog doesn’t need something doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have that thing. Long live the Minion dog costume, long live the pink kibble.

Dogs, the color pink, pet products, Real Housewives, philanthropy — now, who does this sound like?

Looks like Real Housewives of Beverly Hills icon Lisa Vanderpump isn't the only Bravolebrity who loves pink almost as much as she loves dogs. And get this: Last month, Westcott went to the World Dog Day event at Vanderpump Dogs.

Uh, is Westcott the LVP of RHOD? Oh, you're right. It's way too early to say. The SUR-y is still out.