Karev's Looking For Someone On 'Grey's'

Richard Cartwright/ABC

Alex Karev is one of the few remaining original doctors on Grey’s Anatomy, and it seems like he’s always on the brink of screwing things up and getting kicked out of the hospital. He fell in love with a patient, he fell in love with Izzy, he beat up a fellow doctor, etc. etc. But he’s Grey Sloan’s Oscar the Grouch, and we all love him. That being said, there is still a bit of mystery to him. Who is Karev looking for on Grey’s Anatomy?

Karev didn’t have the best upbringing, and we’ve already met his father and brother on the show, so I’m not quite sure whom Karev is trying to track down. At the end of the May 4 episode, Karev made a call to a lawyer (who was probably just happy he didn’t need his or her services again) and asks for a referral for someone who could find people, probably like a private investigator or something. All Karev said was that he’s looking for someone, and he took down a name and phone number and that was that. The case of the week was a little boy whose religious parents wouldn’t let him get surgery to remove a tumor (until the kid came alone and Karev operated anyway), so maybe something with parents jogged his memory?

My other theory is that the little boy, being the miracle his mother explained he was, inspired Karev to think about another family member — a son, perhaps? Think about it — we don’t know a ton about Alex’s past, so it’s possible that he had a baby with someone (Izzy? It could happen, maybe) and ran out. Karev wasn’t the best guy in the past — it’s only in recent years that Meredith has molded him into an actual human being. Alex Karev could be looking for his next of kin on Grey’s Anatomy, and that could be progeny, not parental.