'Trust Me's Zoe Got Her Big Break In This Iconic Chewing Gum Advert

BBC/Trust Me

BBC1's scariest show just got even scarier. Although Jodie Whittaker will now forever be associated with the tardis, some may remember her from her role as a fake doctor in medical thriller Trust Me. Well, it's back again. This time without Whittaker, but with a whole new cast who make Whittaker's replacement as painless as possible. There's plenty more pain to be found elsewhere on the show though. Still, among the fresh faces is an up-and-coming actress who's sure to leave an impression. But who is Katie Clarkson-Hill? The Trust Me actress is seriously going places.

You'll get to see Clarkson-Hill in action on April 16 at 9 p.m. on BBC1, when series two of Trust Me premieres. But before you do, it might be worth getting to know the actress who's about to take over your Tuesday nights. She'll be playing Doctor Zoe Wade on the show, who the actress described as being "very special to [her]" in an interview with the BBC. "Being in the role of doctor is very important to her and she wants to do the best she can in everything she does," she added.

BBC/Trust Me

But Trust Me isn't Clarkson-Hill's first role in a medical environment. With appearances in BBC's Doctors as WPC Anna Brady, and Holby City, according to her agency's official bio, I sense that this actress is probably very comfortable in a hospital setting. In her interview with the BBC, Clarkson-Hill revealed that the inspiration for her medical roles wasn't so hard to find. She said: "I have a friend who is a doctor and I spoke to her a lot."

From those conversations with her friend, Clarkson-Hill found that, as a doctor, "[a]side from the medical procedures you’re also a human being and making decisions about life."

As well as Doctors, you may also recognise Clarkson-Hill from her role in a very sweet advert for Extra chewing gum back in the summer of 2015. The advert told the story of two American high schoolers meeting in front of their lockers, going to prom, falling in love, and eventually getting married.

However, despite playing an American woman in the chewing gum advert, Clarkson-Hill originally hails from Doncaster, where she worked as a waitress and a barmaid before she took up acting, as Metro reports. The newspaper also revealed that the actress changed her name from Katie Clarke to Katie Clarkson-Hill, as the former was already registered.

In another curveball, Clarkson-Hill also has a successful singing career, and you'll find her performing in 1920's themed trio The Wild Tonics alongside some of her old pals. From the looks of her Instagram, she seems to be about everything Gatsby. It's a world away from her role as Wade on Trust Me, which might make you appreciate her performance even more.

Nevertheless, I'm hoping that Clarkson-Hill's Gatsby fantasy is someday fulfilled. I reckon she'd make an amazing Daisy Buchanan. In the meantime, I'm more than happy to settle for seeing her play Wade.

Series two of Trust Me begins on BBC1 at 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 16.