Kristin Brought Back A Controversial Uncommon James Employee On 'Very Cavallari'


Over just a few years, Kristin Cavallari and her lifestyle brand Uncommon James have grown and changed immensely. With those changes have come bumps in the road, and of course, drama — all of which has been documented on Very Cavallari. She ended up having to fire Shannon Ford in an effort to eliminate controversy and disorganization, and now, a new girl is in town. Well, she's not necessarily new. Kaylee Jeske worked at Uncommon James when the company first started, and she was let go before Very Cavallari started filming. After a deep reconciliation, Kristin decided to have her back on the team, and not everyone was thrilled about it.

In the March 17 episode, Kristin struggled to balance her company's growth, primarily due to an unfocused and disorganized team. Brittainy Taylor, the head of operations for UJ, is Kristin's right-hand woman, but because things were growing and changing so rapidly, she was unable to handle it on her own. She needed help. That's when Kristin called Kaylee.

Kaylee was let go as a store manager from UJ due to a list of reasons from which she didn't have the opportunity to defend herself. Kristin was convinced she was let go (by Human Resources, not Kristin herself) because staff members who disliked the way she managed the UJ store teamed up against her to get her fired. While she explained herself to Kristin, Kaylee became emotional, obviously still impacted by the way she was treated.

Kristin knew that re-hiring Kaylee could be the equivalent of setting off a bomb within the UJ staff, but she also knew that Kaylee could get sh*t done and help Brittainy oversee the things she didn't have the bandwidth for alone. According to Kristin, Kaylee has a lot of retail management experience, and unlike many of the young UJ staffers who, quite frankly, treat their job like a social hour, she takes her job seriously. "Kaylee's a badass," Kristin said on the show. "And I want her back on my team."

She knew she was taking a risk by re-hiring Kaylee knowing that some of the team wasn't fond of her, but she figured it would be something they could easily get past. She was wrong. Kristin reintroduced her at a company cocktail party (which Jay said was a bad idea), and a sense of awkward tension immediately fell over the room.

Colby, manager over customer service, got emotional and had to leave. She said that with Kaylee around, she constantly felt "undermined." She told the others that Kaylee was "the devil" to her. Needless to say, things escalated quickly and Kaylee ended up leaving. "It is the most intense feeling walking into a room where everyone turns their entire body and stares at you," she said.

As for who Kaylee is outside of UJ, she doesn't seem to be very publicly online. Her Twitter has been inactive since 2016 and her Instagram page linked to it has been deleted. She said on the show that she recently eloped. Other than that, she has an Etsy page where she sells antique and vintage jewelry and clothing which is totally worth checking out. According to Out & About Nashville, she's originally from Iowa and moved to Nashville in 2012.

According to the previews for future episodes, Kaylee sticks around, though, so fans will have the opportunity to get to know her better soon.